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The Unexpected Motherhood "MiMi"

Calm, real and heart-melting. These are the three words that come to my mind talking about the recent hit on Netflix, Mimi. Similar plots have been worked on in regional languages but it’s the actors’ performance that makes us curiously sit throughout the movie without a shade of boredom. This feel-good movie is definitely worth your time and features Kriti Sanon’s best act seen so far. Directed by Laxman Utekar and co-written by Rohan Shankar, Mimi is a remake of the Marathi 2011 film Mala Aai Vhhaychy by Samruddhi Porey. And what we loved the most about this film is that humour is brought in and relationships are portrayed without any hype and in the most realistic way. It takes us on a rollercoaster ride of motherhood with every emotion of life.

The women-centric movie talks about the life of a small-town girl Mimi who is an excellent dancer and dreams of becoming a sensational Bollywood actress one day. She needs money to go to Mumbai and try her luck in the film industry. Her family includes an extremely adorable dad who never goes against his wife’s will. Shama played by Sai Tamhankar is Kriti Sanon’s trusted best friend who stays by her side through thick and thin. It’s quite nice to see the portrayal of close-knitted women friends in movies. Gone are the days where people ditch women's friendships and say that it can never be as generous and entertaining as what boys have. Well, keep that thought to yourself, because Mimi and Shama are just perfect and share such a bond that every woman wishes to have.

So, while Mimi is making an effort to earn more money to make her Bollywood dream come true. Bhanu Pratap Pandey effortlessly played by Pankaj Tripathi comes to her aid. Bhanu is a driver by profession who comes in contact with a foreign couple who wants a healthy Indian woman to be a surrogate mother for Rs 20 lakh. Mimi takes her time to understand what surrogacy is and the way Bhanu explains to her will definitely make you laugh your lungs out. She who neglected it first agreed later just for the money in it. She discusses with her best friend and plans to hide her pregnancy from everyone she knows and earn that 20 lakh rupee and never look back. In short, she was ready to carry the child but not to be a mother. She was ready for 9 months of labour but not for the lifetime of motherhood. Mimi was just a simple girl with big dreams, dreams that she couldn’t afford until this surrogacy project came by. She lies to her parents that she has got a bigshot film elsewhere and moves to Shama’s home after IVF. As promised, the foreign couple showered them with money every month and the three- Mimi, Shama and Bhanu, were living the best growing child which is not hers with all the love and care in her stomach.

Bhanu’s and Mimi’s bond is something pristine and beautiful. Pankaj Tripathi had gotten into the skin of the character and be it humour or teary emotions, the actor had aced it like always. We could say that Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi ran the whole show! Well, that doesn't mean the rest of the actors weren’t great. But surely these two outperformed all and we also loved Evelyn Edwards as Summer and Aidan Whytock as John nailing it on screen.

So as Mimi is waiting for her 9 months to whizz past by faces an unexpected twist that changes her life. The foreign couple decides not to take the baby after the doctor let them know the baby has down syndrome. The couple just ran away letting Bhanu know about their decision and why they don’t want the child. Summer even suggests they abort the child. After knowing this Mimi is left flabbergasted. She tries her best to get Summer on a call or in-person but nothing works. The emotional scene ends up with all the family members and the neighbours knowing that Mimi is pregnant. It’s beautiful how the script offers such good humour in this critical situation but somehow Mimi’s parents are convinced that Bhanu had made Mimi pregnant. Bhanu sticks around like any good friend should and supports Mimi through her difficult phase of life both emotionally and physically. Finally, the day comes where she births a cute little boy who she names Raj. Confusion arises in the colony and family as to why the boy is so fair and Mimi’s grandmother says that lotus blooms in dirty damp pounds and that’s the miracle of God eyeing Bhanu.

Raj grows up as an Indian boy though he looks foreign carrying Summer’s and John’s genes. Mimi puts an end to her dreams and resets her life to embrace motherhood with no complaints or regrets. She grows Raj as her own son until the truth shatters that she was just a surrogate mother as Bhanu’s wife storms into Mimi’s home searching for her husband. Finally, everyone understands that she was just a surrogate and Bhanu was just helping out the mess that he dragged her into. But what happens is they so very dearly fall in love with Raj and the naughty little things that kid does. Their bond grows such that it becomes impossible for Mimi to live a day without her baby boy. She even takes him with her to dance events where she performs and at times the boy even performs along with her. The doctor’s reports on down syndrome had been wrong and Raj was perfectly healthy in all ways.

After years, a video of Mimi and little Raj dancing together becomes viral which makes Summer and John reach back to them. They force Mimi to give back their child. Intense scenes follow and Mimi hits back with goosebumps-inducing dialogues. Kriti Sanon’s performances especially towards the end of the movie are breathtakingly awesome. She kills every dialogue with utmost grace and power! Well, jumping to the climax, Mimi gets to keep her child Raj and Summer and John adopts an Indian baby girl. They leave Raj with Mimi and her family, recognizing that he is her son in every practical sense and belongs to her. The movie leaves us a myriad of emotions and is definitely a family entertainer that everyone at your home can sit together and watch at the weekend.

Love, Team She


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