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Bauble Bazaar Volume 4: A Nostalgic Extravaganza Celebrating Entrepreneurship

In a world where innovation and creativity have become the lifeblood of small businesses, Techture stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion meets purpose. Founded by S. Lekha Shree and Aaron Roshan Matthew, Techture started as a humble passion project, focused on crafting compelling posters and conducting marketing campaigns for small businesses. However, this venture soon evolved into a flourishing enterprise with a mission to empower and elevate budding entrepreneurs.

Techture's journey began with a simple goal: to help a home baker grow her Instagram presence through the use of eye-catching posters. Little did they know that this initial step would be the catalyst for a much larger mission. As the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the business landscape, countless individuals ventured into entrepreneurship, seeking new ways to thrive in challenging times. Techture's path transformed into a full-fledged endeavor dedicated to guiding these entrepreneurs in navigating the digital landscape and enhancing their businesses.

Over time, Techture's ambitions expanded, shifting from assisting one small business at a time to significantly increasing the visibility of many more. This drive led them to the world of pop-up exhibitions, igniting their passion for orchestrating events with a unique focus on supporting neophyte entrepreneurs.

The result of their dedication and innovation? The highly acclaimed Bauble Bazaar, which recently celebrated its fourth edition on August 20th at Amethyst Cafe. The event was nothing short of spectacular, embodying the nostalgia of the retro era and paying a heartfelt tribute to the 90s and early 2000s.

The venue was transformed into a creative haven, adorned with an extravagant display of balloons, ribbons, and exquisite danglers from event sponsors, including Radio City. Artists from Techture's vendor base added to the charm with compelling sketches of famed actors from the bygone era.

As the clock struck 10 a.m., vendors from various corners of the country converged, each adding their unique touch to individual stalls representing a wide array of products, from clothing and food to lifestyle items, home decor, fragrances, art, pottery, soap making, and more. Vendors from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and even Goa brought their diverse offerings to Bauble Bazaar, creating a vibrant and eclectic marketplace.

The event's special guest, Shakeela Mam, known for her popular shows like "Cook with Comali," graced the occasion with her presence. She inaugurated the retro-themed event and generously interacted with vendors, engaged in pottery making, and posed for photographs at each stall. In a touching gesture, Shakeela was presented with products from all vendors, highlighting the spirit of mutual support among entrepreneurs.

The culinary delights of the day were courtesy of "Calc nEat," a food subscription service with a mission to provide high-quality, affordable meal plans. Post-feasting, influencers added to the event's buzz by shopping heartily from vendor stalls. They were also treated to gift hampers as tokens of appreciation from various partners.

An engaging interactive session followed, where each vendor shared insights about their offerings, their passion for their work, and the journey that led them to entrepreneurship. The vendors were further rewarded with 5 grams of silver from gifting partner "KLM Digi Laxmi," dedicated to educating people on gold investment opportunities.

Nola's aromatic coffee injected new energy into the bustling venue as the evening set in. The event's nostalgic theme came to life through captivating posters and sweet cotton candy, offering attendees a joyful journey down memory lane.

Bauble Bazaar Volume 4 was an astounding success, attracting over 700 footfalls. The air was filled with satisfaction, and vendors left the event with pride and a sense of accomplishment. It was a day of nostalgia, happiness, and celebration—a testament to the timeless allure of the retro era and the incomparable charm of Bauble Bazaar.

Techture's journey from a passion project to a thriving enterprise has not only transformed the lives of countless entrepreneurs but has also left an indelible mark on the world of pop-up events. Bauble Bazaar Volume 4 was a shining example of their commitment to supporting and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating what Techture will create next.


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