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Marketplace for all things thrift - CLOSET PUNARVI

Weavers, tailors and designers put a tremendous amount of work into creating an outfit and trends change so fast that so many of these outfits are hardly worn once. We enjoy buying new clothes and dressing according to the latest fashion trends.

But because of that closets and cupboards get filled and we start hoarding because we have no one to give away our clothes to. Sahaja Madhuri Kalidindi wanted to start a platform that enables these beautifully-designed clothes to have a second chance. This Hyderabadi entrepreneur encourages people to put up their pre-loved clothes for sale and let others who love buying them. The YouTube haul she did showcasing her daughter’s clothes turned out to be a hit and she could sell 80 of her ensembles within a short span. This gradually build her consumer and follower base and brought her to this stage as the Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year.

She thanked her parents, sister, in-laws, husband and her daughter for all the support and motivation and also mentioned her hard-working team members for all their hard work. Closet Punarvi is the first South Indian thrift store that is now the favourite for all one-stop shops for thrifters.

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