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The magic of Beauty Artistry – Transforming persona in 90days with Science & Self-care

The allure of Beautification

In a World where majorly looks matter, beauty is only skin deep and personalities are fake, it’s a herculean task to let our inner light shine bright and show some self-love. The biggest challenge is to not fall for the so called unrealistic beauty standards, be constantly in comparison and let your confidence take a hike!

At the same time, one cannot ignore the fact that self-love and self-care are of utmost importance too as we live in a civilized society (at least most times!) where despite the appearances being deceptive, people believe in what they see rather than what truly lies beneath.

I would like to believe that the concept of beauty can be compared to rough diamonds, where we just need to be polished a tad bit, have the rough edges softened up and undergo a few cuts to bring out the brilliance in us with blinding sparkle. This sparkle of a glow up can tremendously boost our confidence and make us feel good about ourselves.

Mind you, I’m not promoting any drastic cosmetic surgeries to become human Barbie/Ken dolls but yeah if a little bit camouflaging our flaws can help us overcome our insecurities and make us happy about it then I’d say go for it! It’s a regular human trait to want to look good, feel good and be appreciated for it. Sometimes, the profession we choose also demands us to be well groomed and have a pleasing personality especially in the glam industry. No matter the profession, a little bit of beauty tweaking and personality development can do wonders for self-motivation in achieving our life goals and present the best version of ourselves to the world.

Beauty Artistry – The ultimate “Glow Up Series” by Dr. Aesthetix

"Love Yourself"

Dr. Aesthetix International Cosmetic Clinic has introduced a complete makeover and transformation artistry program in Chennai. Their 90 days Transformation program aims to illuminate your personal and work life by providing the ultimate glow up to bring out the best version of you!

Even a small transformation can lead to a huge impact on your self-confidence and enhance your personality to bring out your maximum potential. Transformation does not refer to skin deep changes alone but an actual transformation to help you feel beautiful from the inside too equally.

Their intention is not only to fetch out the best in you, but also to assist you to transform your way of living to the next level. Transformation is not only for your outlook, but also for the development of your personal and professional profile.

The exclusive package includes:

v Complete analysis

- Skin

- Hair

- Body

- Dental

v Self- Makeup & Grooming

v Fashion Styling

v Gait & Posture practices

v Mental health & Confidence building

v Personality Development/ Etiquettes

v Transformation Portfolio Photoshoot

Signature services:

· Skin - Face lightening, Korean Glass Skin, Acne scar removal, Botox, Fillers

· Body – Full body whitening, lightening, Rejuvenation , Scar Camouflage, Stretchmarks removal, Full body laser hair reduction & more

· Hair - Hair loss treatment, Hair thinning Camouflage, Hair transplant, Hair patches

· Permanent makeup- Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Foundation, Eyelashes

· Smile - Invisalign, Smile makeover, Cosmetic Dentistry

Career Opportunities:

How you look matters. Not in a petty, superficial way, but because how you look reflects how you feel, and how you feel affects how you perform in all areas of your life.” – Kathy Phillips ”

Aesthetic beauty can help impress people and create a brand value for oneself. It is also associated with skills as appearances do matter in terms of photoshoots, pageants, personal image value, screen presence, photogenic attributes for ramp walk, endorsement deals and career in TV and films. There’s a psychological connection between the concept of beauty and self-confidence. When you look good, you feel good and tend to be more self-confident in your own skills. In any profession, a pleasant demeanour and manners is appreciated by society and helps one to climb the ladder of success and social networking. This paves way to reiterate the importance of aesthetic beauty as a valuable personal asset in our professional life and the increasing attention of society of to this value and how to maintain it through time by investing in oneself.

Package Ideal for:

* Fashion Models

* Aspiring actors

* Beauty pageant participants

* Celebrities

* IT Professional

* Political figures

* CEO and

* Entrepreneurs

Book an online or offline Appointment @ +91 95144 95222 | 8610608304

About Dr.Aesthetix International Cosmetic Clinic

Dr. Aesthetix clinic is Chennai’s first international themed cosmetic clinic providing holistic aesthetic treatments. They’re also one of the best permanent makeup clinics you can find in Chennai. Exclusively known for their signature pre-wedding aesthetics and oncology aesthetics, Dr. Aesthetix clinic has been a pioneer in revolutionizing the concept of modern cosmetic beauty!

About Dr. Hema Malini Rajnikanth

Dr. M. Hema Malini Rajnikanth, CEO AND Celebrity Consultant Cosmetologist of Dr. Aesthetix International Cosmetic Clinic, BM Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Clinics Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India is an internationally trained expert in micropigmentation since 2017 . Dr. M. Hema Malini with her multi-tasking capacity, is also the Founder of FIA Academy- a first of its kind academy in South India for permanent makeup, a Social Activist and a Boss Babe!

Love, Team She


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