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"Skincare Hacks" - Aanchal Chugh

She says, “Taking good care of your skin is the primary step to get that amazing glow. I have some promising skincare hacks that anyone can swear by!”

* If you have age spots or blemishes on your skin, coconut oil works wonders! You can use coconut oil-based products and what it basically does is it kills the bacteria and acne that cause blemishes.

* I always recommend my clients to strictly follow the Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing routine everyday! (CTM) This skin routine helps promote healthy skin by balancing out your skin’s PH levels.

* Blackheads are another common problem that many people face! I have this great remedy that I use to help get rid of blackheads. So, basically you need to squeeze a whole lemon and mix it into baking soda to form a thick creamy paste. Leave it on for twenty minutes and wash with cold water as you exfoliate. Ice your skin to close the pores! And voila! You have a fresh, black-head free skin!

* I cannot stress enough on the benefits of a mask for one’s skin! I strongly recommend aloe vera gel to keep one’s skin calm and hydrated- at least once a week.

* This may sound cliche` but I feel like a stress-free and positive mind is heavily contributes towards healthy skin. Sometimes no amount of skincare remedies, treatments or products can fix your skin- and that’s when you should know that the problem runs deeper than your skin. Meditation and chanting according to me really helps.

About Aanchal Chugh:

Aanchal Chugh is an internationally certified celebrity makeup artist and fashion influencer She has a fine eye for beauty and has been working in the glamour industry for over four years.

After polishing her skills at The London School of Makeup, United Kingdom, she came back to Bombay to deliver the best of her work to ace celebrities and fashion models. She says, “It’s fun to learn new creative things and techniques and I love my clients, so I give them nothing but my best!”

Aanchal is known for her perfectionist nature, which pushes her to finish her every project with great finesse and adroitness. She exclusively chatted with the team of She magazine and revealed some great skincare tips that help you achieve a flawless and even skin tone.

Love, Team She
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