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Parekh Ornaments revisits Indian heritage in their new campaign Vintage Hearts

A leader in the fine jewellery segment with a legacy of 28 years of fine craftsmanship, Parekh ornaments has unveiled a new digital campaign – Vintage Hearts. A perfect blend of vintage jewellery with modern contemporary designs. It bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern design sensibilities in this latest collection. The idea of the campaign is to revisit our culture and heritage, an ode to a vintage era and the royals of India. The jewellery from this collection speaks volumes about the design aesthetics of Parekh Ornaments and is perfect for all collectors and brides-to-be.

The jewellery pieces have been specially designed and curated for patrons who appreciate vintage beauty while staying true to the aesthetics of the brand. ‘Vintage Hearts’ includes a wide range of authentic designs in Polki, Kundan, beautifully shaped diamonds, semi-precious stones - emerald, ruby, tanzanite – it is both classy and sophisticated. The collection includes rings in the price range of 1.5L to 5 L, bangles in the range of 2L to 10L and necklaces from 5L to 70L. Crafted with utmost intricacy offering ornate designs in contemporary styles, ‘Vintage Hearts’ aims to showcase the true beauty of Parekh Ornaments’ art of jewellery making. Celebrating the spirit of the olden days with these mystical jewellery pieces, this exquisite collection brings back vintage glory.

Mr Saurabh Parekh, Director, Parekh Ornaments, said, “We are a country with a deeply rich heritage and our jewellery is mesmerizing. In recent times, I have seen the love for vintage jewellery grow amongst our patrons. Our campaign clearly illustrates our USP along with a wide choice of designs for the new age woman. With the launch of our campaign, we plan to reach out to the audience who are modern yet traditionally grounded. Our collection brings our culture, vintage values in handcrafted brilliance with a contemporary touch.”

About the brand:

Parekh Ornaments LLP is the flagship company of the Parekh group. Established in the year 1993, and founded by Rajmal D Parekh, Parekh ornaments has a strong retail network of more than 14,000+ clients all over the world.

With more than 10,000+ products under one roof, Parekh ornaments make jewellery pieces made of gold, diamonds, uncut Polki, precious and semi-precious stones, silver coins and more! Parekh Ornaments will soon be launching their new collection of coloured diamonds.

Love, Team She


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