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Hope you’re ready for DIVINE and Jonita Gandhi’s Epic Collaboration in the "Sitara" music video!

After an iconic performance of their song together at the IPL finals, the wait for an official music video is over! Indian hip-hop pioneer Divine & singer Jonita Gandhi have released a music video for their song ‘Sitara’ from rapper Divine’s No.1 rap album ‘Gunhegar’

This is a never-been-seen-before live rendition of the popular track which has a unique presentation that is sure to be an eargasm, no matter what type of music you like. The track is a perfect blend of Jonita's enchanting voice and Divine's signature rap style. Shot in Mumbai’s prestigious Royal Opera House, the video encapsulates grace and class in a modern way. The song showcases Divine and Jonita's remarkable range as performing artists, highlighting Jonita’s incredible screen presence.

Opening about the video, Jonita says,

“I’m so excited to be part of this live rendition of a song that is very special to me. I’m sure this very fresh rendition, which was arranged by the amazing Aditya Pushkarna, will let you enjoy the song in a new way.”

Jonita Gandhi, who rose to fame through self-shot YouTube videos, has proven her mettle with hit numbers like 'The Breakup Song', 'Arabic Kuthu', 'Chellamma', and many more, never seems to drop the beat, jumping from persona to persona and owning it all with confidence, grace and swagger.

With her impressive track record, it's no surprise that Jonita Gandhi is one of the most sought-after singers in the industry today.

Sitara’s is out now on DIVINE’s official YouTube channel, so let’s all show it some love!


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