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Erica Fernandez – Most Desirable Women 2021

Tell us about your growing up years and how it lead to participating in pageants. What’s the origin story of this beauty queen?

As a kid, I’ve always wanted to be a model and an actor. I was never camera shy, I used to enact movie scenes in front of the mirror, love posing, and my father was also a model so maybe I was blessed with genes.

Your journey in the field of acting has been very exciting. From TV to Films. Which platform is your favourite and why?

I cannot categorically choose one, each industry had been different for me from modelling to entertainment, from living a certain character to playing with expressions, expressing emotions each role is demanding specifically as a model and actor. I always like to mix things up and go back to photoshoots after acting, I’d never leave a certain industry to progress ahead into another. I love work and enjoy every part of it be it the ramp, camera or lights.

Tell us about your experience working in the South film industry.

In South, setup is different from that of Mumbai, the scene is always systematically designed and we’re always on toes. TV to movies have their own different way of working.

Share few fond memories of you reprising the iconic role of Prerna Sharma in the reboot of Kasautii Zindagi Kay.

When we started with the show, we had shot the promo and we hadn’t finalized on the lead actor. Ekta wanted to release the first look, I remember every time the title track played, I had goose bumps and it took me back to my childhood memories when I used to watch the show, little did I know that one day I’d end up playing that iconic character. I’d always cherish that moment.

You have been given the top honors in Times of India’s Most Desirable Women on Television since 2017 and also recently were in the Eastern Eye’s 50 Sexiest Asian Women of 2019 List. How do these accolades feel?

To be acknowledged on a platform for their work or personality is a big deal for that person and makes them feel good and inspires them to do better. These titles have only given me more confidence that I’m doing the right thing and am entertaining people.

You are pretty active on the Instagram community, how do you think social media has helped you connect with fame and fans’ love?

I try as much I can to stay in touch with my fans and connect, and like to share about myself yet I still have my boundaries which I do not cross when it comes to certain information about my life.

What genre of movies do you personally like to watch?

I like watching Horrors, thrillers, Sci-fi, Superhero and Romcoms, pretty much a little bit of everything.

Your favourite actor?

Robert Downey Jr.

What extra efforts do you take to improvise on your acting skills?

If I’m playing a Bengali character then I try to learn the language to get in to the skin of the character, if I’m playing a pregnant woman then I want to catch those nuances of the same. So these little things play an important part in portraying a character with flair.

What’s different about working in the Kollywood industry, any memorable moments you would like to share? I’ve worked in all major South Indian languages, so I’ve had a mixed bag of all experiences, but I’d be partial to Kollywood always.

As a heroine you must be constantly under the scanner to be your best version, how do you deal with the pressure? I’ve always confronted my true self and be myself. If I’m angry, upset or happy, people get what they see. No point in wearing a mask.

Everyone has failed choices in their lives? What are your takeaways from that? I’ve made few choices too which never worked for me but I’ve always learnt a lesson from that. Wrong choice was help you grow as a person and as an actor too.

What do your hobbies include? I find a new one every day (she chuckles) Photography, Editing!

Did the lockdown help you in re-kindling new hobbies or memories? I played a lot of board games, virtually too besides cooking.

Your dream team to work on a movie with would be? Anybody I work with is my dream team, it depends on that project and how one manages to create a rapport and blend in.

What does your daily routine look like? How you like to spend your day usually? My daily routine during shoot days is like, wake up, shoot all day and repeat! On othefr days I’d like to sleep for longer hours but usually that doesn’t happen since I’m used to waking up early. I’d love to travel though.

Love, She Bazaar


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