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Blending with nature & Building the brand - Hooshiyaa by Dr S. M. Magheswari

Dr S. M. Magheswari’s skincare and hair care brand Hooshiyaa is a success and a cult favourite for anyone who loves natural products to address their body issues. In our exclusive interview, Magheswari says, “Everything we do is about greatness and it starts with great products. Our products start with proven results dedicated to developing innovative, effective products that comply with quality standards.” Believing in the “Live young & stay healthy” philosophy the brand has crossed countries and reached several homes majorly through word of mouth from satisfied consumers. Here’s how the boss lady built her brand and made it to the top within 4 years.

Your career insights

According to me, passion and patience are two great challenges, especially in entrepreneurship. since they can contradict each other. One of the great questions that women entrepreneurs usually face is, how to estimate the start of their project and how long it will take to obtain results? But the reality is, there is no fixed number of days or months. The important thing is to keep your mind focused, study the business model and the financial structure.

Career growth

Different people are destined to have different career paths. With time, you will take on bigger assignments and more responsibilities that will help you get where you want to be. As a CEO for more than 4 years, I've helped thousands of people to navigate their professional journey through promotional activities, providing tips to develop their growth and have also given free gifts and tryouts to our customers. My best advice is to seek jobs and opportunities that will help you develop and demonstrate capabilities, specifically, one that drives you towards your vision.

Logo meaning

In our logo, you can see 5 colours - green, red, yellow, orange and lavender that connect with mother nature. The bud and 5 petals symbolize natural beauty, healthy, brightness, glow and blossom. Which altogether stands for Hooshiyaa's powerful mantra "Live young and Stay Healthy "

Brand name significance

Our love & lucky charm, my first son whose name is “HOOSHIYAA” is my brand’s name as well. It’s a unique name, meaning intelligence & beauty and we couldn’t think of anything more pristine to sync with the brand’s ideology.

Signature product

I'm saying this with utmost confidence that we don’t have any single product as my signature product, every product I make is giving the perfect results for skin and hair. But I can list the hot selling products category wise and they’ll be :

Hair - Hair regrowth kit

Face -Saffron gel

Body -signature lotion that has complete body solution.

Upcoming launches

Basically, customer requirements are our inspiration behind each new launch. Recently we Launched 2 in 1 Lovely cream that is based on our customers' requests and needs.

Potential customers

Every customer is my VIP and of course, each and every follower in our Hooshiyaa family are a potential customer because they always support us in our journey and their valuable feedback and reviews helps us to be innovative and effective and to bring out the potential within me.

Most proud moment

Last October we celebrated our 4 year anniversary on a grand scale offering free gifts to our customers. Right after the announcement of our anniversary celebration, within 24hrs we received 18,000 product requests from the customers, out of that 8,000 customers became new followers of our page in just 1 day. I was happy that we provided a gift to everyone at that moment and I'm really proud that the customers really wanted to try our product.

Success secret

We are a customer-friendly brand that believes that there is no compromise in quality. True success comes only from hard work. Successful entrepreneurs always give 100% of their efforts to everything they do. If you know you are giving your best effort, you'll never have any reason for regrets. Focus on things you can control, stay focused on your efforts, and let the results tell your strength. Last but not least make decisions not from where you are but where you want to be

Best supporter and motivator

When I started this business, my parents, especially my mom stood by my side and later on my dad encouraged me as well. My husband is the all-time supporter and best motivator for my huge success. I would also extend the credit for success to my customers, staff and admin members who are my pillars.

According to you, who is your competitor?

My Hooshiyaa family is my best and healthy competitor because every day I'm facing around 2 lakhs customer messages through reviews and requests, needs, new launches and product enquiries. So I'm just trying to do better every day. A competition that drives us to satisfy the customer to provide a better experience that certainly leads to more customer satisfaction benefits us in long term and garners loyal followers. And the spirit to face every day and to will to overcome each challenge is a competition that I like to win.

Do you use your own brands?

Yes of course, If I'm not using my products, how will I maintain the quality? I love using my Hooshiyaa brand products. My day starts with Hooshiyaa tooth powder and charcoal toothbrush, soaps, cosmetics etc and my day ends with a night care routine with products from my brand.

Challenges faced

Busy-ness is called Business. We face problems like procuring raw materials, manufacturing deadlines, packaging and distribution which we were able to manage well in the later phase. We also have a digital presence through social media platforms and an online portal that we strive forward with a positive attitude to reach large customers.

What was your career before Hooshiyaa?

I am an M.B.A Graduate who is a multi-tasker. I'm not only the C.E.O of Hooshiyaa but also a fitness trainer. I was an advocate before my marriage and I used to practice in Madras High Court.

Best inspiration

My Mom is my Inspiration. She is never tired of life, she satisfies everyone’s needs in our family. She is a hard worker, motivator, good educator and practical learner. I learned many things from my dad as well, a strict officer but his loyalty, time management, broad-mindedness and goal setting are always high.

Motivational message

Focus more on rewards than salary. Women are better multi-taskers and manage a hectic work and balance life well. Enable a work-life balance friendly environment. Do not be afraid to fail. You have to move outside of your comfort zone. Get feedback. Feedback is critical to validate your business. Keep learning. Become an expert. Ask for what you need. Minimize negative people. Have BIG plans. Last but not least, make decisions not from where you are but where you want to be.

Your achievements

From 2 to 250K followers on the ’gram itself is a great achievement. From outsourcing to own manufacturing is one another achievement. Hooshiyaa has reached a wide community who trust us and refer us to their friends and neighbours. Hooshiyaa reached many states and countries as well. Without my customer support, love and support of our achievements is not possible. Because they motivated me many times when we faced some challenges in business it kept me going forward. So I believe building that loyal base of customers is my greatest achievement.

Future plan

Hooshiyaa Brand has to reach worldwide. Hooshiyaa products have to be placed in every house. We make it our business to care about the future of everyone’s skin and hair and I believe with bigger dreams and good intentions we can make that happen and that's my future plan for the brand.


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