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Aurorah Store – Nature’s bountiful in a jar

Shwetha Saravana, a Management trainer at a reputed company who got tired of her regular job and wanted to follow her passion for natural skin care products, created “Aurorah” an exclusive organic, cruelty free skincare haircare and foot care brand curated with a blend of naturally sourced ingredients, lots of love and good vibes. This Boss babe is clear in her vision to conquer both the hearts and the skin of her clients by personally having worked on innovative recipes and new formulations for Aurorah and supports sustainable beauty.

The Golden journey

“There were days I used to hunt for skincare products and then fell in love with homemade brands, started doing DIYs on my own and wanted to establish a brand since I was tired of my boring 9-5 job. I researched and completed the related courses and thus Aurorah was born on Nov28, 2018. My first order took us 3 days and a lot of emotions and on the same day we had two orders and until today I'm grateful they are regular customers. I've grown so much along with Aurorah and there has been days where celebrities ignored our message when we texted for a Collab and now we are grateful to have grown to a day that they write happily to us that they want to work with us, beams Shwetha Saravana with joy.”

Story behind the brand

“The colors of the logo symbolise nature as well as wealth, yes nature is our wealth. Thus it's a blend of dark green and gold. The Brand was named Aurorah deriving inspo from nature’s phenomenon, when the sky is extremely dark in the North and South poles an electrical phenomenon of lights appear in the sky, thus saying "when you think it's over or done we'll shine like no other, explains Shwetha Saravana."

Signature Products

Saffron gel, being the most sold product and found almost in every order for its property to heal dark spots, acne and tan, also acts as a minimal product treating majority of today's skin concerns. We are yet to launch a tan removal lotion that works best for Indian climate and skin tone.

Secret of Success

People who don't consider skincare as a makeup and know the importance of it are their most sought after customers. There was a time when they took order from a gorgeous trans-woman and she called them to thank how she was neglected by many and was happy their brand didn't judge her. They also got to talk with all of her friends. They were in ecstasy to hear them talk with so much enthusiasm. When we say unisex we mean it! Self-confidence, Patience and Consistency are their main principles.

Shwetha Saravana owes her success to her husband and Aurorah's co-founder Mr.Saravana and her mom Mrs.Thenmozhi Alagan. Through my ups and downs I'm extremely grateful to have them support me without which Aurorah wouldn't have been possible, she reminisces. She considers herself to be the biggest competitor and according to her financial success is what everyone doubts when you spill the tea of launching a brand, when you're clear with your goals patiently work on it without underestimating yourself.

Top beauty tip - One fruit and 100 smiles per day :)

Top honors - FB awards Best Body care brand 2020-2021

Chase your dreams -

Shwetha Saravana considers her Grandmother Mrs. Kasturi, who still runs a successful business at 70 years to be her best inspiration. She confidently says, “If you find your 9-5 job boring it's high time you start working 24/7 on a dream venture of your own! Be patient, creative and consistent with your goals.”

Love, Team She


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