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“She is bold, she is beautiful, she is relentless and she is god!”

The world is not fair but we women are strong enough to face all hurdles in life both big or small with a pretty smile on our face. Societal conditions and restrictions have not been in our favour since ever but its those women who challenge these odds and make it big in their field with perseverance and determination to bring a change in this world whom we call Sheros! A mother who shapes the future of her children and well being of the family, a daughter who makes sure her parents are proud of her, a colleague who works twice as hard as the male staffs in her company to get the recognition and respect she deserves, a teacher who injects her students who give wings to her students’ dreams, a friend who advises and supports through your thick and thin of life, woman have played multiple roles in and we bet she carries it all so well that her stress, her pain and her needs were often ignored. So dear women, we want to tell you that you must be your first priority. You are your protector, you are your safe keeper! Every bit you do for the world is seen and appreciated, it doesn’t matter whether you cook food for your offspring , pray for everyone in the family or run a business providing employment opportunities for other women in need. Every small step you do has our applause. You are our SHERO!


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