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A Journey with a Natural Twist - "Hooshiyaa"

"I still remember when we started with just 2 followers, which is now 257k followers on Instagram. "Hooshiyaa" is my son's name and we started this business in 2018 when he was about 2 months old." - Dr S. M. Magheswari

Initially, we started traditional manufacturing with natural products, started sending them to people, neighbours and friends who are well connected to us. We still remember all the users coming back to us sharing a lot of positive results, especially hair oil which gave a

consistent result on hair growth. After that, we came across other different skin related choirs from our circle which made us an impression to step into this beauty care market. 

A few weeks later, a leading manufacturing unit approached us to sell their products. We initially purchased their products, testing all the results we were satisfied to resell. in the beginning, their support was enormous. So we both were jointly doing wonders with customers Needs, like to clear pimples, acne, pimple marks, pores, suntan, skin brightening etc. Later on, due to the impact and pressure of other beauty care brands the manufacturing unit stopped production when we were around 25k followers on Instagram. That day we decided not to be dependent, and to create a manufacturing unit for us. 

So I started a manufacturing unit positively & successfully reach 50k, but this time I faced different issues, The Instagram account disappeared because someone has reported our page, I thought this is our another Struggle. But my gut feeling was to overcome this. We started a new back page and gained 10k followers in two days. After continues followup and providing proper certificates our original account was reverted back tto us. The good thing is we are gifted such wonderful customers. Solving all the problems with a positive weapon is the only reason which bought 257k followers on Instagram. Also our backup account reached 50k ollowers. We usually create a lot of offer campaigns for our customers to create a relationship. 

We were celebrating our 4th anniversary on 23rd October 2021. Yes, its a milestone, sweet

anniversary, without our customers we are not here, our customers are our VIPS and at this moment I thank all the customers, celebrities, promoters, supporters & haters as well, without whim it would have been impossible to be this place.

“now we are at 257K followers”


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