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VS Herbal: Deriving beauty from Nature’s lap

Encouraging the choices of organic herbal beauty care products, VS herbal is the brainchild of the sister duo - Nandhini and Narmada. The two are graduates of Engineering and Fashion designing who found their innate creativity in curating homemade skin and hair care products in a 100% organic way.

The beginning

Having completed their diploma in Skin and hair care, both the sisters were able to cure their mother’s skin allergies. With that motivation they worked on organic face packs and baby products for their family. As each step gave successful end results they thought of helping those with similar needs and love for natural products and thus ‘VS Herbal’ found its birth.

Initial Challenges faced

“While launching a brand, a major issue was marketing.” the founders’ state. “Many people would like to have fair skin but the truth is every individual is beautiful with their own skin tones. Skin tones can't be changed by any product. We can only bring out even toned glowing skin, not fair skin. So breaking this stereotypical thought was a challenge to us.”

Career Growth

“At the beginning, we faced more difficulties to reach out to customers since everyone wanted instant results like several chemical products the market promises.”, says the Narmada. Making the customers understand how natural products work and how it creates long-lasting impact with consistent use was their prime focus initially. The sisters say that with time their products spoke for itself and customers came in with positive reviews turning into a regular consumer of their homemade products.

Labelling the brand

Wanting the name of the brand to be of personal connect and close to their hearts, they named it after their parents Velusamy and Selvi, as VS herbal. The founders state, “Most of the ingredients in our products are organically grown. So adding herbal to the name was self-declaring the quality of our service.” The founders also explain a deep-rooted meaning to their logo, “At ancient times everyone used skin and hair care products from natural herbs grinding them by a natural process in granite marble. This imagery is what our logo tries to imply.”

Source of Inspiration and support

“Our best source of inspiration is our mom and dad. And that’s because we learnt from them how to work whole-heartedly. Our family supports each other and we all do use our products creating an ambience of helping each other grow”, they say gleefully.

Product specialty and signature product

The brand produces 100% organic homemade skin and hair care products. 90% of the ingredients in their products are organically grown and some of the rare ingredients are brought from certified organic farming companies. “All our hair care products are top-selling and so is our glow serum. With multiple satisfied feedbacks and reviews reaching us conveying the benefits and how well the product worked on every customer makes us very much happy.” acclaims the sisters. Haircare products stop hair fall and give hair growth and the glow serum fades pigmentation and gives a glow to the skin making it as the brand’s signature products.

A moment of pride

With 90% of the packaging being biodegradable and serving 100% organic products, the customers’ feedback is what they like to call as moments of proud feeling. With satisfactory quantity and quality of products, the sisters take pride in everything that the brand stands for!

Beauty tips

“The first thing is self-love, avoid stress because it creates wrinkles, hair fall etc. If there is a problem, definitely there will be a solution! So we need not worry about anything. Most important thing is to avoid our stress. You should love yourself and eat healthy food and that’s the greatest sign of beauty from within.” the sisters say genuinely.

Brand competitors

Trying to outshine themselves, Nandhini and Narmada say that they are their own competitors. “We set a benchmark with our existing product and try to better it with our upcoming launches each time.” they say professionally. And that hard work along with the support of friends and family is what they credit as a source of motivation, especially acknowledging their mother and maternal Uncle.

A message of motivation

“As women, we got to build immense faith in ourselves.”, the sister duo says. “Believe in yourself and believe that you can do it, you will do it.” They effortlessly inspire by telling how confidence, belief and a huge amount of positivity can help one in driving thief whims into reality.


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