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This Father’s Day, Gift your Dad Healthy and Handcrafted Sunbaked Cookies

Baked with the goodness of Solar Energy

India, 14th June 2021: This year as the country battles with coronavirus, the holiday and celebrations means a little more. Encouraging healthy lifestyle goals, Kivu the world’s only Sunbaked Cookies brand offers gifting combos and discount to help keep your dad feeling good for years to come. These eco-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free cookies are hand-crafted and baked in solar ovens with no refined flour, sugar, preservatives, additives, or any form of chemicals.

The goodness of Solar Energy and superfoods like Jowar, Coconut, Amaranth and Oats help in reducing the daily fat intake. These cookies can be a more palatable change to your Dad’s diet while eliminating unhealthy munching all together. Its millet-based Ginger Lemon and Rajgira Coconut cookies harness the super benefits of Sorghum and Amaranth while the chocolate-draped variants of Coco Choco and Choco Oats cookies blend the richness of Coconut and Oats with mineral-rich jaggery. These cookies come in five flavors, i.e. Choco Oats, Coco Choco, Ginger Lemon, Rajgiri and Cinnamon. The healthy combo packs include Immunity-Boosting Cookies, Gluten-Free Cookies & Vegan Cookies.

As Father's Day approaches this Sunday, gift healthy treats by Kivu that will keep your dad healthy, happy and young at heart!

AT:, Vegan Dukan, Amazon, etc

Price Range: INR 200 - 600

Love, Team She


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