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"Get Fit & Fine" - 15 questions with Dr.Punu Rooprai

A naturopathic doctor can use physical assessments, laboratory tests and medical history examinations to diagnose a health problem. After diagnosis, they will establish ways to prevent and treat the health problem by working with natural healing systems, detox cleanses within the body through natural food. And that is exactly what Dr Punu Rooprai does and how! She has been one of the most trusted doctors in the field with clients around the world who are very thankful for her help and advice. Here is what she had to say for our curious question on our special interview regarding weight loss.

The body achieves what the mind believes.

1.How did you enter this career and what's the biggest satisfaction in your job?

My father, Mr Surender Shukla, has been the biggest inspiration and motivation in my life. He has 40 years of experience in manufacturing fitness equipment, so watching his expertise in the business made me choose this platform and work harder. The biggest satisfaction in my life is building confidence and bringing smiles to people daily and breaking barriers of body shaming.

2.What is the first step towards a weight loss journey?

The first step of the weight loss journey is realising you need help committing to yourself to follow the whole process. Lazy souls don't make history, when you have an internal feeling and the will to commit to that, that's your first step to weight loss.

3.Tell us about your weight loss journey?

For 17 years I have been in the fitness industry and helped in transforming more than 3000 people. It started with myself when I realised I needed to lose weight for better health so I followed a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet plan and lost 22kgs.

4.People can be often doubtful about the ways naturopathy works for weight loss. What are the common doubts people come up with and how do you help them with them?

People are often misguided by the fact that cleansing, detox, intermittent fasting and mud therapy are different therapies in naturopathy. The fact is, each person has a different way of working out. People are mainly concerned if they have to take any health shakes like few companies in India provide and my answer is a big fat NO! Our diet plans are 100% healthy and consist of homemade food so they can be followed without any hustle or side effects.

5.How many days does it roughly take for a person to visually see his/her weight loss?

With my help, you start seeing results within 24 hours and that is guaranteed. I kick start the body's metabolism and when it starts increasing, your body responds and you start losing body fat and inch loss from day 1. You can see visible results on a weighing scale.

Eat with the purpose to serve your body with nutrition and fuel it with good intentions.

6.Tell us about any special client case that you are extremely proud of.

I am extremely proud of all the transformations I have done and each one is close to my heart. I get so many blessings from a child12 years of age to people aged 83 years.

7.Are there any side effects to instant weight loss plans?

When you lose weight under the supervision of a doctor, there won't be any issue in muscle mass. We focus on the rapid growth of metabolism due to which you start losing weight rapidly which further makes one look healthy and younger.

8.What's your take on body shaming and how do you think millennials should put apart health from aesthetics?

Overweight people are frequently subjected to body shaming but there's an increasing trend of criticising those who look 'too skinny. Body shaming is ubiquitous. Instead of focusing on how one looks, we should focus on the fitness of the body as well as the mind. Become confident in yourself so that no words bother you. Fitness should be in your lifestyle.

9.What's your diet routine like?

Do you think sweating it out is necessary for good health? I prefer a balanced diet that should include dairy, carbs, protein and all vitamins. Sweating is important as we take off toxins from our body through any physical activity such as walking, gym, yoga, swimming or anything that brings relaxation and helps in your betterment.

10.Tell us about your workout regime.

A healthy meal with a combination of pilates, kickboxing and yoga during workouts and 5 mins walk after meals.

Become confident in yourself so that no words bother you

11.What advice would you give to new moms who want to lose their pregnancy weight? Keep your goals realistic, please don't go for crash diets. Go for a body detox through proper diet and breastfeeding if you can. Eat foods high in fibre, stock up on hemoproteins. Keep healthy snacks like makhana and roasted chana because you will feel hungry at night. Avoid added sugar and refined carbohydrates.

12.How did your client base flourish?

Client base flourished from one to one, word of mouth and as well through social media.

13.A "Healthy body I a healthy mind" what's your take on it?

It is health, that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Once you have a healthy lifestyle half of your worries are gone. So yes, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

14.What would you like to say about the "You are what you eat" philosophy?

It's a common phrase used in conversations about health, wellness, and the undeniable connection between food and our bodies. Eat with the purpose to serve your body with nutrition and fuel it with good intentions.

15. Your message/word of advice for She readers.

Once you are on a healthy diet regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it. If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done. The body achieves what the mind believes.


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