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"Monsoon Flash Sale Pop-Up Exhibition" by Blue Vanilla

Actor Akilan SPR & Pooja Srinivasa Raja inaugurated Unicorn Dream by Blue Vanilla.

Unicorn dream by blue vanilla is a flash sale pop up event for small business which was held at fika adyar on 28/08/2021. The event had about 45 brands participating from various parts of Chennai and tamilnadu. Event also had another notion of felicitating front line workers with an award called medal of bravery. Actor Akilan Spr inaugurated the event along with Pooja Srinivasa Raja founder of One Life NGO. Singer Adithya RK and food blogger Surya Becky were also a part of this event.

About the founder:

The founder of Blue vanilla is an engineering graduate who has keen interest in management, design, fashion, architecture and overseas educational programs. Blue vanilla was established in 2019 with an objective to support and nurture local small business enterprises. We specialise in planning, designing and curating pop up events with a wide variety of food, fashion, accessories and lifestyle stalls across the country giving much needed exposure and expanding clientele. A part of the proceeds of every event is spent on noble and charity causes as our way of showing gratitude to the society.

About Blue vanilla:

Blue vanilla is an event management company that specialises in pop ups involving food, fashion, automotives, accessories and more. Our past events include a baking expo, a flea market and a non-profit event aimed at felicitating the front line workers during the pandemic. We can proudly boast of collaborating and working with more than 140 brands across the country. Our future endeavours are to organise events involving luxury brands from round the globe.

Love, Team She


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