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Lakshmi Krishna Naturals – Organic Beauty at its best!

Lakshmi Krishna Naturals, an organic skincare brand owned by Mohan & Nithya has found immense success thanks to their amazing strategies and natural high-quality ingredients.

A big dream business that started as a small venture – The Journey

It all started when Nithya’s daughter was suffering from skin problems for quite some time, after which certain products, although prescribed by dermatologists, gave her only temporary results. Followed by the letdown disappointment, they wanted to opt for an organic route. “We have always heard our elders suggest simple home remedies for various ailments starting from sickness to skincare,” says Mohan and Nithya, the delighted owners of Lakshmi Krishna Naturals. This sparked their obsession in getting to know all the remedies that had been in practice for ages. Apparently, after many experiments, soaps were initially made in an organic way for personal use and later on sold to all their friends and neighbors. They were happy to have a truly encouraging response and were amazed by all the magnificent feedback. That’s where it all started! The Bro Sis duo considered this to be such an eye-opener that paved their way to manufacture other organic skincare and haircare products.

Lakshmi Krishna Naturals started on March 3, 2018, after due course certification on organic beauty product development, started preparing soaps, shampoos, hair oils, and lip balms, and commercialized through Facebook. On July 17, 2018, the business witnessed greater heights on Instagram through one of its innovative products. It was the Pimple Gel, which was a big hit and the talk of the town. Customized handmade soaps and skincare products that are made according to the customer’s skin concerns are the major highlights. Evidently, their products are widely preferred by customers and a lot of celebrities across India. Then the brand started to grow further, owing to its quality and efficacy. This has indeed blessed them by having regular customers from 24+ international countries all over the world.

The “Hair Regrowth Kit” is their signature product, a pack of Hair Regrowth Oil and Hair Regrowth Baldness Gel. It is enriched with the goodness of 25+ vital herbal ingredients and is proven to have a success rate of 90%. A CTM kit, based on the individual’s skin type and a few more Hair Care products based on hair textures, will be launched pretty soon.

As a flourishing brand, Lakshmikrishna Naturals take pride in every positive feedback of their customers. Particular feedback from Dr. Eswari, who was suffering from chronic hair and skin problems for the past 6 years, started observing visible changes after using these organic products. The joy that she had in sharing this immense experience has indeed added an extra feather to their cap.

The brand finds competition with none, as their prime focus is always on customers than competitors. They always provide surprising, result-oriented quality products to all their customers at an affordable price, so that no one can beat it. The widely suggested products from LKN are Goat Milk Soap, Hair Oil, and Herbal Shampoo. They assure that every product that comes from LKN is tried & tested before being introduced to their customers.

As a woman entrepreneur, Nithiya has faced many challenges and problems in her former stage of business. Later she derived all the support and encouragement from her Co-founder Mohan and also from her beloved family members to come out with flying colors. She believes that success usually comes to those who really work hard for it. She reassures that one must not dream about success, instead work for it and develop success from resulting failures.

Lakshmi Krishna Naturals is a trustworthy natural skincare & haircare brand, which manufactures products by using its finest and purest form of natural ingredients. These are completely free from harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances, and preservatives. All the ingredients are mindfully added in exact quantities and these goodies are made in small batches to provide maximum shelf life. Currently over 100 + soap variants and 300 + products are manufactured.

Love, Team She


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