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Dream Achievers Award 2019 : Connecting the dots!!!

When you tell yourself you are going to do something, that’s one thing. But when you tell people in the industry, that’s another. And if something goes wrong, it has to be fixed. Designers at Dreamzone are so capable of joining dots and making the event an inevitable one!

Photography : Jagdeesh Rajamani

It's not only about fashion week but they also made a leap of identifying the best of best and presenting them Dream Achiever's Award

Dream Achiever's honor is a yearly occasion of Dream zone Anna Nagar consolidated with Emerging Fashion Designer Week that perceives endeavors of people, who have run over every one of the battles to arrive at their objectives. Also, the youthful fashioners to get industry introduction through this moving individuals to make their fantasy materialize.

Revoluntize to be fabulous!

Love Team She


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