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“Yoga has changed me only in every possible way” - Pradaini Surva

Lifestyle Influencer Of The Year 2020: Meet Pradaini Surva, a fitness sensation, content creator, yoga instructor, and model who is changing the lives of thousands and helping them to get fitter. Pradaini has become a reference for health, fitness, and general wellbeing proving that exercise is essential for all. Her Instagram handle is a tale that motivates, challenges, and excites everyone to awaken and connect with their spiritual being. In a candid conversation, Pradaini Surva shares her fitness routine, her passion, and what keeps her going.

- By Madonna


Chennai’s very own model and Instagram motivation guru, Pradaini Surva is busy inspiring everyone to eat healthily, work out, and stay fit. This fitness expert and the motivational figure has a physique that most women aspire to have. She is a bundle of energy, a fountain of good vibes and a morning person to boot. One can often find Pradaini on a billboard or on a yoga mat, either way, makes them awestruck. She often takes an inward journey only to explore the unseen and unknown. She is an avid traveler and finds Bali most fascinating as to her there is something about the place that makes her want to go back again and again. “I am a speck in a speck!” is what she describes her connection with nature.

Creator At Work

Pradaini is a creator whose creativity is at the forefront of content, she believes that the measure of the success is driven by the value of the content and most importantly, to be authentic in the content. She says, “Content creation is an ability to create an impact in a stranger's life by being conscious about what we share. I enjoy creating content with soul in it. I keep it organic and relatable, guess a lot of brands dig that and so I enjoy creating content with the ones I resonate with.” Her mantra in life is to Reach, Teach, Heal, as many lives as she can.

Fit And Fab

Pradaini Surva is dedicated towards her workouts; she religiously follows her diet to remain strong, fit, and healthy. Talking about her fitness regimen and her daily routine she said, “Waking up at 4 am, getting showered and ready for morning practices: breathing, meditation, and healing; smoothie, yoga and a good main meal and also a mini evening meditation keeps me energetic throughout. My new normal is being mum’s kitchen elf. The rest of the day is for creating content, reading books, studying/research, and chill watching something, and to hit the bed by 9 pm is my daily routine these days.”

She flaunts her flawless physique as she slides like butter in her yoga pose which transcends the physical and also encompasses mindfulness, devotion, contemplation, and meditation. “Yoga has changed me only in every possible way,” she says.

Consistency Is The Key

When it comes to food, she lavishly indulges herself in a nourishing diet and tries her best to adapt to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Her diet plan consists of almost everything healthy. Taking about a healthy diet she says, “Making a conscious choice requires a deeper understanding of the body and food and thoughts, so the more we learn the easier it gets to choose what’s good for us and to let go of what doesn't serve this human body!”

She believes that making small changes day-to-day will add up to make your life better. We wonder how and where she finds the motivation to stay fit, to which she says, “My three main secrets to it are movement is therapy, food is the medicine and consistency is the only key.”

The Silver Lining

Being positive is a simple choice in life and everyone has it; the courage to see the upside to any situation is what it takes to see the brighter side of it. Pradaini is a positive being and handles controversies like a pro, she says “Controversies are not mine to handle and the rights belong to those who created it, I'm simply an observer, with no comments whatsoever.” Staying in the moment and living to the heart’s content is what she is rooted in.

Sky Is The Limit

Pradaini radiates positivity and masters the art of connecting with the soul and transforming to a better person in mind, body, and spirit each day. For her, inspiration is everywhere and she never fails to inspire others. Her spiritual practice, philosophy, and her passion are refreshing. She is one such soul who is able to speak her mind, be herself, love herself for who she is, and inspire a whole lot of people. After all with positivity, self-love, and resilience as your amour world is your oyster.

Love, Team She


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