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The Rise of Kamala Harris – A force to reckon with

Creating history as the first female Black,Indian-American Vice-President-elect of the US, Kamala Devi Harris has become the face of Democracy and cultural unity. Her inspiring words and confident remarks have made her one of the most loved model politicians and a global icon. All set with good hopes for 2021 reign of Biden, Kamala is a people’s champion and here is what you should know about this inspiring Lady-In-Charge!

The year 2020 has been witness to many worldly changes that are inexplicably significant in all ways, the realness of it is yet to unfold but what makes these changes important is the fact that we are in this together, breaking all barriers and proving ourselves worthy over many hardships. Though we still are bound in a society where women are deprived of their freedom to be ambitious and dream big, we are proud of the ones who fought for their rights and made a change in the world!

It’s incredibly awesome how Indian-origin politicians have been elected as heads of the state from Mauritius to Fiji over the last decades and the most celebrated one of them all could be Kamala Harris’ victory as the vice president of the United States of America. Her success is the success of all women and the black community whose voice has been repressed over the years. Paving a way to equality in opportunity, Kama Harris speaks the language of confidence. She, who has made several ‘firsts’, has rewritten history for women from mixed culture origin and is an inspiration to all.

Her mother, Shymala Gopalan, born in Chennai, reached US as a 19-year-old college student in 1958. Shymala was well involved in research in UC Berkeley's Department of Zoology and Cancer Research Lab. She got married to Donald, a graduate student in economics from Jamaica. After their divorce in the early 1970s, Shyamala visited India with her two daughters Kamala and Maya to connect with their heritage roots. Kamala has revealed in an interview her love for South Indian idli and other delicacies. Interestingly, as they adopted black culture they haven't forgotten their Indian roots and are proud of it.

Fondly known as the ‘Female Obama’, Kamala suspended her presidential dreams as she couldn’t fund her campaign forward. Joe Biden picked her as his running Vice president candidate after seeing the true potential of Kamala in winning and luring fame to the party as the first black female Indian-American Vice President of the US. This clicked well, and people all over the world are happy for her victory. She made an empowering statement saying, “I may be the first, but definitely not the last.” This 56-year-old woman surely will pave way for other young minds with similar dreams. Being a first is always a challenge and Kamala surely played it out pretty well. Her supportive husband, Douglas Emhoff, has quit his law firm job for the White House role. He has been instrumental in being supportive of Kamala’s dreams. On lines of Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin’s tweet which praised Emhoff, "This is what decent, honourable and honest people do: Vice President-elect Kamala Harris` husband, Doug Emhoff, will leave his job as a partner with a high-profile law firm to focus on his role in the new Biden administration."

Kamala’s story is one of a kind. Born on October 20, 1964, Oakland, California, U.S Kamala was a prodigy shining well in all her academics. She earned a law degree from Hastings College after studying political science and economics at Howard University. She subsequently earned a good reputation as a deputy district attorney, prosecuting cases of gang violence, drug trafficking, and sexual abuse. Harris rose through the ranks, thanks to her undeterred will power and good notion, becoming district attorney in 2004.

Relentless efforts and good intentions can always take one to the right place and Kamala stands as the epitome of everything right. She has set an example and with that a fire inside every young woman, who was recognized differently from the crowd to stand out differently in a good way and make all the dreams come alive.

Love, Team She


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