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The Modern Age Super Mom "Sulata Mitra" - Breaking Stereotypes & Parenting Right!

Mom, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Sulata Mitra is a super-mom who has been influencing the world with about 100k followers on Instagram. What started out as free-time blogging was her golden ticket to become an influential figure today and she aims to earn better and work harder for a better 2022 humbly pouring out her gratitude for a successful 2021. An ardent travel-lover, a wanderlust’s journey of grabbing a large audience and building her own brand wasn’t easy and in our exclusive conversation with Sulata aka @mommyandvihaan, we got all the scoop!

How and what inspired you to start your journey as a mom blogger?

My journey began in Singapore. I went there around 2016 and I travelled a lot all-around the Asia pacific region with my son, Vihaan. This is where I started to blog about my experiences and sightseeing about these wonderful places and people. Travelling with a toddler is fun, but not easy and that was exactly my topic of writing. I used to publish the pieces of musings on my website and people started loving it. It was also the time Instagram as an app just begin So while people posted just pictures of them, my ‘gram got a story behind each image. And that was just the beginning!

How was your transition from working in the IT sector to being an influencer mom?

Initially, I was working with an international IT company in the marketing department with Microsoft ERP and CRM Sales and marketing. I am also an MBA graduate. When my son was born I wanted all my focus to be on him and managing my job along with my infant wasn’t easy. During those days, work from home wasn’t a thing and maternity leave was just 3 months unlike now. So I quit that part. I loved the time I got and enjoyed every moment of it with my son. Soon, my husband got a better job opportunity and we all moved to Singapore and as mentioned before my journey in blogging began. I just went with the flow of life and didn't put myself feel any pleasure. I would say maybe my knowledge and experience in branding and marketing did help me navigate my work to reach a lot of people.

A lot of women hesitate to come forward even though they want to be a blogger. What do you think is stopping them and how can one break that bubble?

That’s true. I have come across many people who really wish to do so but resist themselves thinking what their family, their kid, in-laws or society, in general, would say. More or less, it's always about what others might think! And my one word for them is just do it!

All it takes is one plunge of faith, the first step and the rest of it aligns in itself.

If you can find the courage and put yourself out there, eventually your trust and faith in yourself will instil hope and pride in your family members too.

How does a day in your life go and how does it affect your parenting style?

Parenting is always a two-way job, one from the parents' side and the other from the kid’s.

Life was pretty simple when my child was a toddler because, you get to decide and do things your way but once they start to grow, demands are made and they have their opinions and choices, which as a parent we have to respect and address to. Today, I had twelve shoots and this interview and my son was like, “Momma, how much will you work?” So I was like I will finish it all and come to you directly and when I am with him, all my thoughts and mind is focused only on him and I don’t take my work there.

When I am working, I give my 100 per cent to my work and when I am with my child, I give my 200 per cent to him.

It’s about finding the perfect balance and figuring out how to work it all smoothly. And eventually, your child will also understand. If dad is working and that’s important, so is momma’s job!

How supportive are your family members with your career?

I am lucky in that aspect as my family members are very supportive. My husband, who is currently working from home, takes care of our child when I’m out for work. He is very supportive. I make my priority chart in such a way that my needs don’t dispel their family’s need for me and we all work together in balancing work and family beautifully. Men play a very important part in a woman’s life. I got my confidence and strength from my dad. The liberty and freedom they gave in life from childhood have helped me become who I am today. My mom has always been with me through each and every step of my life and has been a real inspiration. Even my mother-in-law, who works so hard and be with family , has inspired me so much.

Women are made to feel guilty for prioritising themselves. How do you think one can overcome such confining thoughts?

One should learn to stand up for themselves and know their worth.

It’s just one life, you can’t waste it on others opinions and whims. Women should learn to become financially independent because, in this era, money is important! Who said money can’t bring happiness? Prioritising oneself should be something that comes naturally and if not, make an effort to love yourself more. The more you focus and improve yourselves, the more you’ll find life interesting! And of course, confidence is the key to everything!


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