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The big dawn in the small screen - "Roshini Haripriyan"

Dusky woman rocks with brisk performance; the new flaunt "Kannamma".

From model to an actor Roshini Haripriyan is more than what we see. She is bold, she is incredibly intelligent and drafted what she wants. She directs beginners to be patient, stay positive and work hard; "SHE India" catches up with Roshini Haripriyan, the Kannamma who stole people's heart...

Roshini Haripriyan is a Chennai girl who is now famous for her role of Kannamma in Vijay Television's Bharathi Kannamma serial. She is well known for her saree and Jewellery ads. The out of box woman who has a positive mentality. I was impressed by her role in the serial. And let's not forget, she steps into the character of dusky - intelligent woman which I could see in and out in her. From modelling to an actor she had taken many hard paths to reach in here.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. A chit-chat with Roshini in a beautiful Sabayashi inspired Saree.

Styling: Vibitha Edward | Photography: Jagdeesh Rajamani | HMU: Sowmya Deepak | Wardrobe : Tejasri Prakash | Accessories: Vie | Hospitality: D Cafe

You're known for portraying the role of Kannamma in Bharathi Kannamma serial which is telecasted in the Vijay Televison. Can I have few words about your role?

Bharathi kannamma is my debut and I’m very grateful for this opportunity. Kannamma is a dusky complexion girl who faces challenges in her life.

What is you dream role? What inspires you?

I love to push my limit . I want to do various role and become a versatile actress.

Are you okay with stereotyping based on skin colour in the media field? What would you say about your complexion and skin color?

It would be better if they don’t stereotype people based on their skin colour. Each and every person are talented. Rejecting a person based on the skin colour is not ok unless the role demands a specific complexion.

If you weren't an actor, what would you have been?

I would have been an entrepreneur.

Serial.. so, do you have any future plans to act in movies?

Yes I do.

Many dusky skin models and actors are coming into the field of cinema. What piece of advice you give to someone beginning their career as dusky/ dark complexed model?

Goes out to all beginners- be patient , stay positive and work hard.

In most of your photoshoots you wore sarees. Do you prefer sarees more?

I prefer not to stick to a particular style. I love to explore different styles.

What would define as your personal style in clothing?

Simple and comfortable clothing.

What do you take most inspiration from? Which designer's sarees is your biggest inspiration?

From Instagram handles and Pinterest. I generally surf in social media for fashion inspiration . Torani and sabyasachi.

What does a good saree mean to you? Do you prefer wearing matching jewels?

Each saree has a story to tell. Perfecting the saree with accessories completes the look.

What do you think about Sabyasachi Mukherjee? Do you like his designs?

I love his designs and the way he portrays his work. It’s a beautiful art.

What inspired you to do shoot on floral printed Sabyasachi saree? Do you prefer floral saree?

Floral sarees are in latest trend and the blue floral saree is my favourite.

If you like sarees more.. what kind of sarees do you prefer more?

Silk, linen and cotton.

You have done many textile and jewellery ads? Which is the most inspired outfit you wore?

Lehengas and pattu saree.

Which color you think that suits you more?

Noting in specific . It depends on how we carry ourself.

It is always seen that you wear bold makeup. What is your makeup routine?

I prefer subtle makeup and love to define my eyes .

Love, Team She


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