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Surprise your partner with the gift of love with Paksha

Every year, Valentine's day is a promise of love and joy. It is the occasion to express how much someone means to you. It is the occasion to show gratitude for the affection someone holds in their heart for you. It is the occasion to remember to be grateful for their presence in your life. It is the occasion to cherish the relationship and how far you’ve come with your special someone. Be it your significant other, mom, dad, sister, brother, friend or neighbor. It’s for the special someone in your life who makes your life worth it.

This Valentine’s day, impress your loved ones with the joy of handcrafted elegance. Our collection is designed with a touch of lightness that can be carried through occasions, from day to night. Skillfully handcrafted by the artisans, the jewellery pieces in pink semi-precious stones forming an alluring accessory for eventful occasions.

The pieces are made of 925 Silver with 1.0 microns Gold Plating. The style ranges from modern, contemporary to traditional. Just take your pick. Nothing can replace the love you hold for your special someone, a Paksha can merely remind them of it.

Price: INR 1500 - 20,000


About Paksha

Paksha is an elegant silver jewelry brand catering to a wide audience around the world. The brand makes classic, traditional and innovative collections inspired by the rich history of jewelry & grandeur in India. The journey of Paksha started with an aim to introduce high quality 925 silver jewelry into the market as a competition for luxury products. The brand owners have been in the business of jewelry making for several years. With Paksha, they aim to adorn the world with meticulously produced high-quality silver jewelry; to promote happy and celebratory occasions, crafting memories with heirlooms. With a reliable team of master craftsmen, artisans, production team, high technology tooling & facilities - Paksha stands on a unique vertically integrated foundation, where all aspects of the product journey are possible in-house. This makes the brand cost competitive, while also being able to provide unmatched quality. With Tarinika, the founding company has also been in the business of serving & shipping to clients globally and is able to extend that expertise into Paksha.


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