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Styling up her way forward - Soigné by Shreya

When you got dreams to tune to reality, life finds a purpose in itself. Ms Shreya N Kumar is one such powerful woman who built her fashion emporium with passion and perseverance. With a motive to be ‘remembered’ for her enticing works, Shreya is the stylist, designer cum certified Makeup Artist who got an inspirational story to tell.

I guess when you grow up watching something you love and experiencing it live, we automatically get passionate and start working towards it to build our dreams and ideas step by step. That’s what happened to me. My mother started her business journey as a designer when I was 15. Every day after school, I visited her boutique to observe her work and learn whatever I could grasp at that age. As I grew up I started experimenting in various fields like art, design, styling, illustrating, watching fashion content online and grew more curious about how the industry of fashion works. After one year of experimenting with my passion and interest with a few ups and downs, I started my own brand SOIGNÉ By Shreya. My brand aims at making an impact on the fashion, film and media industry, to rise above the current trends in today’s fast- paced world of fashion.

Soigné ( pronounced as “swan-yay” ) is a French word that means Classy, Elegance and Well dressed. We specialise in Styling and Designing for Celebrities, Commercials, Editorials, Personal wardrobes, Weddings, High Fashion, Events and Films. Our photoshoots are one of a kind. We have done concept shoots, high fashion, street style, bridal, jewellery shoots and portfolios. We are dedicated to bringing the beauty of every person to the forefront of their exterior through the style choices they make. We hope to share our love for fashion through our brand to create something beautiful for our audience. We also have a wide range of customised High Fashion designer wear, Ethnic and traditional, Western and Contemporary wear for Celebrities, Photoshoots, Portfolios, Editorials, Commercials, Weddings, Parties and what not. Our collection and designs are specially made for our clients, who are looking for some exceptional garments. We are super active on Instagram. Finally, when asked what’s the happiest moment in all of the work I do, I would say that the happy bright look on the client’s face when they absolutely love our work and appreciate our long tiring days of effort that was put in to give the best output that they expect.

We named this photoshoot “StarDust”. It was a fusion of Indo-western look, inspired

by the sparkling of stars. The grey, white and black colours of the garment and

background represents the colours of the night sky.

The complete look of this photoshoot represents how women can be both wild as fire

and soft as flowers. The garment has a floral design on the sleeves and the top, while

the entire look and the mood represent the bold side of a woman.

Doesn’t she look like a Mermaid? She totally does. This was shot during the golden

hours of sunrise on the shores of our Singara Chennai. The white beachwear combining

with the waves of the sea gave an overall soothing effect on the camera.

This series got us realising that a very simple garment that is styled perfectly can

create the most glamorous look. The combination of the classy black and white with

bright red lip tint got us all wondering about the simplicity of fashion.

Love, Team She


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