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“Styling, the Language I use to Speak with Janhvi Kapoor” - Tanya Ghavri

Tanya ghavri is a bollywod fashion stylist and the founder of The Dhoom Dhaam Weddings.

Her works are known for the delicate craftsmanship of Indo-western artisans by supporting their immense creativity, their handwork as well as their ideas; this line seeks to prevent the extinction of the new textile tradition.

However, some of these beautiful shoots take months to plan with. This is not exactly following today’s fast-paced fashion world to be able to work and grow as a fashion label created another. She is known for styling up fabricated industrially using high quality materials, and of course inspired by Indo –western touch.

I will always be excited to work on fashion because

It’s exciting as trends keeping changing. I love the power of clothing and the trans formative quality of dressing up. I realized the power that clothing has, in that you can control how you are perceived and what you communicate… clothing is a language all of its own. I had the idea to try and create something I thought could be classed as Bollywood fashion and so I wanted to challenge these views.

What would be the three words that could describe your style and why so

Effortless, chic & minimal. This is what I think so. People today seem willing to dress a little bit differently from one another. I definitely see young people today making more effort in the way that they dress than young people did ten years ago. People are getting tired of just wearing a t-shirt and jeans every day and it’s great to see people express themselves more in what they wear.

Do you have a no-never dress option

Yes, I personally don’t like dungarees. I avoid long dresses or anything with big shoulders. Not that I don’t like to design those things its they just don’t look great on me.

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

Really, everywhere. I mostly take inspiration from designers’ collections, and I like to do a trend report every season for myself because it really helps me stay focused. Sometimes I get inspired by celebrities on the red carpet, too, and I’ll make a mental note to remember it.

The one designer of your choice

Anamika Khanna.

Janvi kapoor the most trending style icon... The fashion memory with her

I love the way she put things together. And then there are certain icons that everyone knows will be in something great, but I especially love Janvi kapoor. Sometimes when I’m working and can’t decide on something, I go, “Okay, would Janvi like this?” And that kind of steers me back into place.

I’ll also reference the originals, and work on so many options as which enhances her look the most. Even though she was necessarily in fashion every time on her own, there was a style she had that I always like to emulate. She looks very perfect and timeless, but yet, I always like to take these classic looks and modernize them.

The celebrities you worked with and the experience

I have worked with Kareena Kapoor Khan,Karisma Kapoor , MadhuriDixit , Freida Pinto , Jacquline Fernandez, Sara Ali Khan, Jahnavi Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Shraddha Kapoor, Sridevi,, Taavare Pannu, Rahul Preet, Malaika Arora, Neha Dhupia, Pooja Hegde, Nargis Fakhri, Lisa Haydon, Nimrat Kaur, Yami Gautam

Each stylist has this no fail styling trick. What's yours!

I believe one should not get wandered by current trends, go with what outfits and patterns that suit their body type the most. I always recommend trying out a new trend with accessories first, before fully embracing the trend. You don’t have to go and buy a full-on dress, incorporate small doses and see if those work. You don’t have to spend it on really expensive accessories, either. With accessories, you’ll still make a strong statement.

On go this season

Bag- Micro bags

Shoes- Daddy sneakers

Accessories – Statement earrings

If my days had one extra hour

I’d read. It is so great because it’s basically all of the shopping I can imagine! If I can’t sleep at night, I’m usually reading books or surfing, going through every single Thread. I can get carried away with it! Another thing I really love to do is writing. When I was growing up, we didn’t have bloggers and being able to do that now — create editorial content online—is something I really enjoy doing.

What's your personal signature of styling


What advice would you give an up and coming fashion stylist? Keep your credit in good shape. Study your field. Getting a little fashion history under your belt can really help when a client is making references to a period of time, photographer or designer, this way you can understand their vision and know what they are talking about.

Learn to sew a little. You might have to make emergency repairs and it helps to know how to explain to a seamstress what you want done.

Your start in the career

I started my career with styling Sonam Kapoor in the movie Aisha. This led to working on sets and doing shoots outside of retail. I naturally started to gravitate away from makeup and into fashion. I began testing with photographers and building my book, making the right contacts and the rest is history. My career so far has been a journey of travel, experiences and lesson learned.

Being stylist you play with colors. .. so the color which suits Indian skin tone I usually like to do some research on my client. I get a feel for their personal style and what they have done in the past. Then, I like to have a meeting with them and discuss the project and direction. Sometimes the client is a company and there are many other facets involved from branding a color to creating a custom piece. I then take into account a person's body shape, season, and trends that I am feeling which will make my work standout and my client happy.

Love, Team She


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