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Seize your Inner-Glitterati with Etude House Mirror Holic Eyes

With extensive colour palettes, trustable quality, affordable design and affordable prices, Etude offers the Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes, for your perfect Candle Lit Shimmer!

" I'll have a triple sparkle macchiato with extra glitter, just kidding! I'll take an Etude House Mirror Holic, please"

Etude House Mirror Holic Eye Glossy Coating is a liquid eye shadow with sparkling metallic glitter. This liquid eyeshadow with metallic glitter is not just a gleam but a beam of sparkles.

  • Vivid metallic colour: The secret behind the blinding glow is their perfect blend of bold colours and pearls

  • Long lasting and quick fixing: Locks your sparkle and gleam like a shiny mirror ball all day long

  • Unique metallic finish: Its unique metallic colour and glitter will give you the glow you've always desired

Price: INR 900

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

About Etude House: ETUDE is Global Make-Up Brand which spreads the fun makeup play culture.As the first-ever domestic makeup brand, Etude provides every woman with an experience to discover and develop their own beauty. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy: “Every woman was born a dignified and beautiful being that deserves to be loved”, we have created Etude House where everyone can enjoy the culture of "Makeup Play".

Love, Team She


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