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Rich toned modern Indian wedding themes this Valentines - Theme Weavers Designs for Media

Love is in the air when it comes to the 14th of February, as it is the day where couples celebrate their affection for each other on Valentine’s Day. What better day to celebrate the holy union of two souls - Valentine’s Day is perfect for an Indian Wedding that can have a myriad of themes and decor options available on hand. The surroundings are perfumed delicately with flowers, and there is romance in the air, celebrating lovestruck couples and their relationship. Theme Weavers Designs are one of the premier and uber luxe wedding planners in India. They are known for their sublime and sophisticated touch when it comes to weddings, and all their events are punctuated with gorgeous decor that adheres to a particular theme. Team Theme Weavers Designs are here to impart their insider information regarding a rich toned modern Indian wedding theme this Valentine’s Day.

Arches are a mainstay when it comes to any given wedding. Marriages are almost incomplete without arches. There are various applications when it comes to having an arch. One of the most common ways to boost the beauty of the ceremony is by having a balloon arch in the shape of a heart that lies in the backdrop of the event. Balloon decor is perfect to have a fairytale inspired wedding, that is straight out of a children’s book. Balloons can also be used to create elaborate centerpieces. Available in a handful of colors, the balloons can be used in conjunction with red and white flowers to really hone in on the theme of celebrating the magic of love. Tiny twinkling fairy lights can be added to the centerpiece in order to make it more unique. This new touch to adding sources of light to the centerpieces can serve to softly illuminate the space.

Instagram and social media is a great way to show off your wedding’s themes. Everything surrounding social media needs to be full of glitz and glamor. Therefore, an ideal choice to play into the social media’s theme is by having dedicated vintage photograph booths and selfie props. There is nothing like having a nostalgic moment to remember your first love when it comes to a photograph booth. This can be customized to be presented in the colors of Valentine’s Day, such as crimson, flamingo pinks, and even eggshell whites. The charm of the photobooth can be further enhanced by having quirky decor pieces on it, such as hearts and cupids. Additionally, selfie props can include angel headbands and a floral background composed of aromatic roses and lilies. Getting clicked to form splendid memories in a wedding, can serve as a fun factor to be added to any given wedding.

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with having a lot of sweets. Let the sweetness take over your wedding by having a dedicated dessert table with an admirable collection of sweets in the colors of Valentine’s Day such as red, pink, and white. Cakes are usually not a part of the Indian wedding repertoire, but they can also build up on the ideas of sweetness. Having a couple cake is one of the ways you can show love for your partner. Instead of having a single cake, a wedding can have two cakes, with romantic quotes, lyrics, or vows written on it to make your big day even more special. For a more sustainable and eco-friendly touch to your wedding, one can give local flowers or roses as a wedding favor. This is something that is both offbeat while it focuses on the romantic aspect of the wedding. For instance, hiring a custom flower truck can also help create custom bouquets for the guests so that they can press the flower petals between the pages of a book to remember your wedding for a long time.

From thematic color scheme to roses, from heart-shaped hangings to majestic chandeliers, everything must be based on the Valentine’s Day theme.

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