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Redefining the norm of maternity wear : Celebrity pregnancy & their ground-breaking fashion choices

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful parts of life. Growing a human within is a blessing but it definitely ain’t an easy or beautiful process. A woman’s body goes through drastic changes and the pain they experience is incomparable! I would say women don’t flex enough about their power of birthing. Indeed, God is a woman! Apart from the pain, happiness and all sacrifice, the one thing a woman is forced to give up is her choice of fashion.

Until recently, we have seen stylish celebrities going undercover after their pregnancy announcement. They take up no jobs and make no public appearances. Of course, it's the time to rest at home and take care of oneself and we got no complaints about it. Breezy maxis and oversized baggy tees were the usual go-to maternity wear and most women relegated their fancy clothes for later. But why? Can’t one wear whatever she wants during her pregnancy too? Comfort might be the word that just popped into your brain but isn’t comfort a subjective concept that differs from one person to another? Making groundbreaking statements with her maternity style it’s the Bad girl Riri, Rihanna whose setting our hearts on fair with her glam fashion game. From sheer see-through coverup and bralette for the Dior show to casual shorts and jacket, the singer is making a statement with her style loud and clear telling that maternity is a phase to celebrate just the way you want, taking your fashion game a notch higher!

The internet went crazy with her daring fashion choices. They were lit in all ways! Offbeat, risque and flaunting the feminine beauty with all her sass and class.

Her high-fashion looks created a revolutionary buzz that continues to push boundaries when it comes to maternity clothing and it's catching on.

She spoke in an interview with a leading magazine, "When I found out I was pregnant, I thought to myself, ''There's no way I’m going to go shopping in a maternity aisle.” She indulged in the fun of getting dressed up and decided to flaunt her baby bump with glam clothing choices.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja who recently announced her pregnancy is also all set to break the norms of maternity wear. Her saree drape in an offbeat way styled by her sister itself is proof of how much fun maternity fashion can be.

It is not only about the modern high-fashion looks that Rihanna slayed but also the royalty-eluding Indian drape style that Sonam donned! Redefining pregnancy looks and breaking all stereotypes around it these celebrities are nailing it in real life as well!

Kajal Aggarwal has also got cool maternity wear choices. Her dope looks from photoshoots can be an inspiration for your pregnancy shoot.

From glorious gowns to comfortable pants and shirt, these aren’t just clothes but a statement that the actress makes proving that nothing can or should limit or constrain one from being themselves.

So, dear all mom-to-be, what you wear is your choice. If you are happy in the comfort of breezy maxi or want to experiment with your fashion, it's your call to take. Don’t let the pressure of society on your shoulder and just like these celebs define your style and freedom in your own way!


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