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Marching Ahead - Top 7 Boss Babes of the City

In my short journey as the Editor, I’ve come across many amazing women who’ve been hugely inspiring and supportive to my vision of Sheroes. I’m in awe of their professionalism, dream goals, and strong work ethics. I’m proud of my boss babes and am immensely honored to acknowledge them and their achievements in this unbiased article. A small tribute to my dearest Sheroes. -Dr. Shireen

#1. Naushin Kiran Label – Naushin Kiran (@naushinkiran)

Celebrity designer Naushin Kiran and I go a long way. She’s one of those rare souls who believes in #WomenSupportingWomen. She immediately puts you at ease with her warm smile and friendly nature. Setting out to create the image of women modern, Naushin Kiran is a brand that straddles quintessential techniques of craftsmanship, imbibed with love across generations, and are made globally astute through the cut, construct and finish of unique silhouettes. Each creation exemplifying the guiding philosophy – “all that we were and more.” Founded in 2016, the Naushin Kiran Design Studio juxtaposes modern sartorial prowess and the intricacies of Indian technique with skill. These richly detailed, structured drapes are crafted to lend an edge to Naushin’s modern, Indian woman. Across Couture, occasion wear and ready-to-wear, the designer’s studio creates unique combinations of historical opulence and contemporary chic through the fine crafts and textiles of India.

#2. Cake’s Secrets – Tabassum (@cakes_secrets_2020)

Tabassum makes the most divine cakes I’ve ever tasted. Her Chocolate truffle is my absolute favorite and is part of my weekly ritual. She started her venture during the lockdown and has quickly learnt the tricks of the trade. I’m very proud of how quickly she progressed from a home baker to an entrepreneur. It’s amazing how her delectable creations reflect her sweet nature, warmth and love. In every bite you can feel the rich and decadent taste of pure organic ingredients. Her cakes are usually very colorful, with lots of sprinkles, chocolates, candies, you name it, and she’s got it. Her cakes make you happy and put an instant smile on your face. I can’t stop raving enough about how awesome she is and her cakes are. She’s definitely among my top favorites of the list, more so because of her warm and sweet personality.

#3. Kaftique – Anafa & Suaad (@kaftique)

Kaftique is the dream come true of the inspiring raised in Dubai, sister duo of Anafa and Suaad. They’ve always looked up to comfortable modest clothing that also looked very fashionable while growing up. Having always admired Anafa's taste in dressing and colors, Suaad fell in love with colourful kaftans designed by her sister. With borders and laces so unique, Suaad convinced her sister to start a brand. Their main aim is to sell comfortable and modest fashion for all Women from expecting mommies to plus size beauties. I absolutely love Kaftique. Their Kaftans are truly heavenly and super comfortable. They encourage women to feel good about themselves in comfortable yet stylish fashion and do away with the added judgemental pressure to always be dressed up and look a certain way. With Kaftique, truly less is more.

#4. Label Alyona- Aysha Siddiqa (@label_alyona)

Aysha Siddiqa is a multi-talented boss babe. She’s a gifted Make-up and Henna artist besides running a successful clothing line. Her modest fashion brand ‘Alyona’ is contemporarily chic, made to perfection according to the client’s customized needs. Her outfits are made from high quality fabrics, hand-picked by Aysha herself with a lot of thought process and detailing to her designs. She’s always reinventing her designs and ensures her trendy collections reflect the strong persona of the modern woman who is comfortable with her choices and owns up to her style. I’ve had a pleasant experience interacting with Aysha and she truly delivers what she promises.

#5. Sugarmyylove – Himra Minhaj (@sugarmyylove)

Himra Minhaj, a registered formulater and degree holder affiliated to reputed Universities is the brain behind Sugarmyylove. She follows a simple mantra to cleanse, detox, heal and protect your skin using nature's best ingredients

Have you heard of skincare revolution? If not, then here is a little tee -Skincare Businesses are booming 10X Fold in the last decade with rapid growth in sector such as organic and natural handmade industry. From using Nature's Finest ingredients to FDA approved ingredients and certified products brands are taking efforts to maximize the product results by making it performance orientated , eco-friendly, Sustainable and reforming new recycling policy's which never existed until this decade! Sugarmyylove began its journey in 2014 during the initial boom of this Handmade Beauty Industry. This brand is not just another skin care company, they are on a mission to make our Earth a little greener and customers skin a lot healthier. Sugarmyylove is 100% dedicated towards the interest of its community of clients, bloggers and influencers who help them in promoting a healthy skin and lifestyle routine which turns promotes their whole agenda of Healthy and Green Planet! The unique formulations of Sugarmyylove are create in-house using knowledge from research and ingredients from nature. By using certified organic ingredients–herbs and flowers, vegetables and fruits, sustainable oils and butters and pure essential oils, their products help to hydrate and repair your skin and are eco-friendly without harm to your skin barrier or mother nature!

Sugarmyylove hand blends all of their own products in small batches to ensure freshness, consistency, and perfection. Their secret lies in hand making fresh products with love and care just like nourishing your skin and hair with our potent power packed products. Their products have always, and will always, contain nothing but natural ingredients. There is nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMO’s, just wholesome natural ingredients you can trust. They strictly use organic certified natural products. It is the only way you can be sure a company’s product truly complies with organic standards. It is a constant reminder of our commitment to our customers and our planet.

#6. Whimsical by Sarah (@whimsical_bysarah)

Sarah Saadiyah is just another teenager with a lot of fun aspirations and a craving for the finest of "sustenance" that she can put out there. Back in the day when kids were busy complaining about their veggies, she was usually found busy using the same to make her plate colorful or watch Nigella Lawson spew her magic on the TV screen. At the outset, watching Nigella Lawson made her believe that baking and cake decorating was a piece of cake (pun intended) but she was mistaken. Starting out with burnt/uncooked cakes and runny frosting made her realize there's a lot more involved.

Baking allows Sarah to be as creative as she wants by combining the flour and sugar, making everyone at home drool over the soothing aroma of warm vanilla, making flavorful cupcakes with frosting and watching everyone around her devour the brownies. She believes baking brings out the best in her and is content whipping up something worthy and appealing to making people grin their hearts with joy.

The empowering thought of being her own boss is inevitably the best part of being an entrepreneur. Her bestseller is the Bundt cake. Not many people are aware what a bundt cake is. She does not do the conventional frosted cakes and is well-known for her unique signature bundt cakes. The cake industry is expensive and has become more about the looks but the feeling of having a well flavored, fresh out of the oven, made from grounded ingredients cake can totally emanate a feeling of satisfaction. This gifted young baker believes it’s her own mindset that keeps her going and once she makes up her mind the extrinsic factors don't matter. On a personal note, I would suggest she infuse some of the sweetness in her attitude too before making half-baked judgements.

#7. Fashenz Boutique– Shenaz & Fahmida (@fashenz_boutique)

Shenaz and Fahmida are two hardworking, strong boss babes with an amazing brand creating an exclusive niche amongst the ladies as the go-to brand for international products. Their exquisite fabrics, accessories, perfumes, kids clothing, abayas, hijabs, and dresses are hand-picked from Malaysia and Dubai. With a home-based boutique, strong social media presence and a never say never attitude, these two ladies make a bold statement as homepreneurs.

Love, Team She


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