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"Love is in the Hair" - Annapurna Raju Vhanne

Annapurna Raju Vhanne more popularly known as Ashwini is a renowned Celebrity Hair Stylist. She talks about her first love in a candid tête-à-tête with our team.

Tell us about the love for your career and your dream start.

I’ve always loved good hair and loved styling people, so naturally wanted to be a hair stylist. My foray in to the industry was in 2006. My Dad is my backbone. He taught me hard work and passion towards one’s dream and inspired me to live mine.

Name one of your earliest memories of the green room?

One of my favorite memories of the green room is when Hansika surprised me on my birthday. It was so sweet of her.

Quick hairstyle tips for our readers?

My top tips would be:

• Use of a good Anti-Frizz hair spray

• Save time styling a high ponytail by making it messy. It’s so in the trend.

What was your greatest career success and biggest setback?

My greatest success was when I purchased my dream home. The setback too is unfortunately related to the same, I was cheated by few people during my property investments and after 5 years of wait, endless court cases and investigations, I finally got my dream house.

How does it feel to be an Entrepreneur?

I’d say being an Entrepreneur is one of the most exciting and popular things to do. Although starting and maintaining your own business might seem easy, real life experiences have taught me otherwise and helped me manage my work well. To see a dream is one thing, but to fulfill the dream in the real world is another dimension entirely. There is good news in everything you learn. And the best part is I am my own boss.

If my days had one extra hour I’d __________.

If I had an extra hour, I’d devote it to my family.

What is your personal go-to Hairstyle?

My style attitude is to be simple. I feel there is beauty in simplicity. I prefer a simple messy high ponytail or free flowing hair. I love to flaunt my natural curls.

I will always be excited to work as a hair stylist because_______

I will always be excited to be a hair stylist because my work for me is my first love, my passion, my happiness.

What would be the three words that would describe best your hair styling?

Unique , Attractive and Classy

Malavika Mohanan the most gorgeous diva… how was the makeover experience with her?

Malavika Mohanan , she is a happy go lucky person and working with her is always fun . She is a very friendly person and super cooperative. She’s an amazing beauty.

Your evening look for the celebrity you worked with ________

It depends upon what the look/style demands.

The celebrities you worked with and the experience of it all.

It seems that Celebrity Hair Stylists are becoming well- loved public figures in their own right. As a fresher, I faced many challenges, but facing them gave me experience and taught me a lesson. Those hurdles were fun in a way. My first celebrity artist was Parul Yadav, then Lakshmi Manchu. I’ve been blessed to style all these beautiful talented women from Shraddha Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor to Kajal Agarwal and many more. Every different person in my journey gave me new experience lessons. All Celebrities with whom I’ve worked with were very warm and friendly.

Kajal Agarwal is one of a kind Style Diva! What was the challenge you came across as her hairstylist?

I won’t term it as a challenge but as a new experience. I always try to add a unique touch to my work. She is absolutely gorgeous to work with.

What’s your personal signature touch to hair styles?

I can do any hair style using only U-pins.

The most fun experience with the Celebrities & Models.

For me every moment of my work is fun. Be it for a movie, ad shoot, photo-shoot or anything else related. I never compromise on my energy. I work with the same energy every day to keep it fun for myself as well as those with whom I work with.

What hair styling tips would you suggest for Amyra Dastur?

Amyra Dastur, she has beautiful wavy hair. My hair styling tip for her would be to flaunt her natural wavy look.

Describe in a word the best hair looks for the celebrities you’ve styled.

Parul Yadav Messy Ponytail

Lakshmi Manchu – Free hair without curls

Kajal Aggarwal – Natural look.

Have you ever styled anyone for a date?

(smiles) Yes I have, many people in fact.

Each hair stylist has their own no fail trick. What’s yours?

Blow dry and outward curls. Works every single time.

What would you say is your contribution towards the society?

I follow the basic duty of being a good citizen by following every rule and regulations. I also stand up for the right causes when required.

Love, Team She


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