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Love, Breakup, Repeat - Give your heart another shot at it!

Like someone once said, the greatest feeling in life is to love and to be loved. But most of the time, the one we love doesn’t love us back and the one who’s in love with us just doesn’t win it back. In short, if love isn’t mutual and if it isn’t expressed well ends up becoming torture. Life’s equation of love is not that simple though. Even if you find someone to love who is reciprocating that feeling exactly the way you want, how long will it last becomes the next question. Infidelity, boredom or just ‘complicated’ stuff barges in without you knowing to spoil the fairytale you were dreaming of. So what exactly is true love? Is it the one that stands the test of time? Is it the one where two people promise to stay together till their very last breath? Well, again, it's just not that simple!

Love, Breakup, Repeat Give your heart another shot at it!

To fall in love is a wonderful feeling but it's not that easy to stay in love with the same one for a long time. God knows how our parents made it happen! It requires a lot of effort, patience and of course a lot of understanding and a hell lot of mutual respect, trust and love for one another. They say the first love is the best love because we only expect the good side of love when we first experience it. Movies, series and fictional stories have played a huge part in making us romanticise everything to another level where even a rose blossomed in your neighbours garden will spark his thoughts on your mind and your cheeks pull into a wide smile involuntarily. The one in love always knows to appreciate every single thing in life. Let’s not lie, we all have enjoyed butterflies in the stomach, snowfall in the abdomen at least once. And it’s indeed a heavenly feeling.

Things turn topsy turvy when love becomes a relationship and after a course of time ends up in a breakup. The depth and pain you feel during the breakup are directly proportional to the intensity you loved that one special person of yours. And in most cases, it becomes the reason for a change in your behaviour, personality or character. Break induces one with so much energy. Some release it as hatred, fools exercise it as revenge or vengeance while the smart ones utilise it to create art. The pain that a breakup leaves you with helps one understand the extremities of human nature and if this intense energy is not released in the right form inhuman mode your soul activates. You must have read news about boy burning the girl alive, acid attacks, cold-blooded murders just and even horrible threats that I just don’t wanna mention, yes that pain and angry can unleash the beast in one and it's dangerous. The breakup, if you ponder upon it, is actually good. If better to break that bond than cheat in a relationship and a breakup necessarily doesn't mean you stop loving that person. To each to its own, a breakup can mean different things and you deal with it differently.

The major point is how do you deal with it? For sure don't unleash that beast in you as I mentioned before. It does no good to either party. The best thing to do is let it go and give yourself the time and space to heal from it no matter how hard it's going to be. Don’t hate them, regardless of it is a mutual decision or not, breakups have their own reason and one common thing is it's just not working or their interest in you has faded which in itself means it’s not worth your effort either. So move on, my friend! By moving on I necessarily don't mean to find a rebound! That's gonna give you a different kind of hell. Just give you time and learn to enjoy your own company. Eventually what’s meant for you will find you and remember not to take anything or anyone for granted because love is rare to find and if not taken care of, it has all the right to leave you! This might also be a good phase to understand yourself better. Learn to understand the red flags as well as your toxic traits. Learn to accept your faults and apologise for them. The one who is sorry is not always wrong and the one whose ego doesn’t go down is not always right. Once you find the balance within yourself and are able to forgive yourself and the other person for all things that have been said and done, never hesitate to give love another shot! I mean, don’t go back to that toxic person again but don’t be adamant not to love anyone ever again. Darling, love can happen twice, thrice and a million times! Life is too short for petty fights and silly dramas, so give yourself the freedom to love, break up & repeat!


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