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Green Lady - Beauty at its best!

“Vilvah Store is a sustainable and eco-conscious brand with fresh, natural, handmade and honesty as their values”

What made you kick start a career in skin care products?

My mother had sensitive skin and suffered from skin problems for more than a decade. The products she used made it even worse. My late mother is the reason for my path to creating my own natural soaps. It was her wish for me to make safe skincare products for the family and that inspired me to learn and do what I do today.

Tell us about your career growth.

After completing my diploma in natural cosmetology, I started experimenting with goat milk soaps since I come from an agricultural background and my daughter had eczema, a condition with dry skin. After many experiments, we perfected a recipe. This formulation was originally created for our family and today we sell the same to our customers. We started out with 2 or 3 goats on our farm and now there is a huge herd of healthy goats and fresh goat milk is obtained and used in making different goat milk products. Even though our range has expanded to include various products, the classic goat milk soap will always remain close to my heart. I have always dreamt about creating a clean and sustainable skincare range and Vilvah is a complete family project for us. My husband Mr.Kumaran and my daughter Aadhya are an integral part of Vilvah's journey. Our goal is to deliver world class skincare and haircare products to Indian consumers so that they don't have to look for any other International brands.

What does your logo imply?

Vilvah Store is a sustainable and eco-conscious brand with fresh, natural, handmade and honesty as their values.

Translating this into visual design, we designed a hand-crafted logotype for Vilvah with an organic form. The STORE, is in a modern and refined typeface, snuggly fitting under the slight arch under Vilvah. The Vilvah green is a hue of natural green associated with freshness and purity. The other brand colours are fresh organic colours inspired by natural ingredients.

Why did you name your brand Vilvah?

It symbolises the holy leaf Vilvam which is native to India and our brand reflects the ethnicity and culture of India and the products are purely designed for Indian skin.

What’s your brand signature product and why?

Goat milk shampoo and Classic Goat milk soap are our signature products. Our brand is an outcome of our quest to solve my daughter's dry skin problem and we have curated this Goatmilk soap for my daughter initially and it's an immediate hit among our customers. Goat milk shampoo has been on the top seller list month on month since its launch.

Tell us about your upcoming launches.

We had our 2020 plan worked out very early in the end of 2019 December. But since the whole scenario of looking at things has changed, we are reconsidering our decisions on launches for this year. It's sensible to manufacture what is needed at this time of emergency rather than pushing some unnecessary beauty products into the market. So, we are having plans of launching antibacterial body wash, hand cream and handwash.

Who are your potential customers?

We see there is a big shift in consumer's way of thinking and they are aware of using natural and sustainable products is better for them and for the planet. They are our potential customers who want to know what goes into the products and how it is made.

Describe the moment you felt proud of your brand, and why?

In late 2018, Vilvah started the transition to non-plastic packaging and bio-degradable ingredients as a replacement for commercially available ingredients in the market. We have been a trend-setter in promoting sustainable practices in every possible way ever since and this gave inspiration to many brands for adapting sustainability. This particularly made us very proud for inspiring our fellow brands and many people.

What is the secret of your success?

Passion, Perseverance and most importantly, a good hardworking team who understands our passion.

Best supporter and motivator who stood by you, a reason for this huge success?

My Husband, Mr.Kumaran who stood by me, shoulder to shoulder in building this brand!!

According to you, who is your competitor?

There are many brands in the market who want to bring a real change in the society and who genuinely want to give clean natural products by ethical practice. We don't see them as our competitors but rather would like to work harmoniously in delivering the best by inspiring each other on various ways.

What products of your own brand do you use?

I am a minimalist myself and my staples are Vilvah Goatmilk soap, Goatmilk shampoo, Conditioner and Lipbalm.

Being an entrepreneur, tell us the challenges you faced while launching this brand.

Honestly, I didn't find anything to be so challenging. It was all so exciting and we put our 100% efforts in whatever we did. Everything fell in place eventually because of our hard work and passion.

What was your career before Vilvah?

I have been a homemaker for 10 years, I did my Engineering, have no work experience, married to a business family, and when my time came, Vilvah happened. Trust me, Vilvah is my first career and I am doing pretty well!!

Can you give a beauty tip to the young women to have a glowing skin?

Sleep early before 10 pm, Hydrate yourself well!!

Who is your best inspiration?

The people I have met so far, books I have read so far. Cannot pinpoint and choose 1 person or a thing. Life is a culmination of our experiences and I am still getting inspiration every day from everything.

Being an entrepreneur, give some motivational message to the women looking forward to succeed in life.

Believe in yourself and throw yourself completely into whatever you do. I don't want to limit success by your choice of career. Running a family and raising responsible human beings, being joyful and living the moment is the most underrated success for everyone.

A Brief description of your products.

Vilvah Store is a sustainable skincare brand, which makes skincare and haircare goodies with safe and effective high-performance formulation. We bring to you the right mix of agricultural produce, carrier oils, butter and essential oils to nourish your skin by embracing their simple yet effective properties. The ingredients are obtained in their purest form, without any harsh chemicals, additives, synthetic oils or perfumes and this is the very basis of our work at Vilvah Store. Our painstaking efforts to source the finest raw materials reflects in our products.


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