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Glamorous Icon of the Year 2020- Akshara Gowda

Akshara Gowda is an Indian film actress who has appeared in Hindi, Tamil and Kannada films. This stunning beauty has been scorching the big screens ever since she let her acting trail ablaze.

For her, glamour is not just about having a perfect body, face or getting the hair and makeup on point, it’s more about being beautiful on the inside and caring about others, sometimes more than one’s own self and unconditionally being there for each other. It isn’t about age or shape. Anyone can create glamour by being themselves. Like author nigella Lawson said “Glamour really has to do with good lighting, doesn’t it?

“ Akshara never planned on becoming a model, she just stumbled upon it and it turned out to be a good idea, for she feels she luckily succeeded. It was a great serendipity for her!

She says, “Career to me is life, it’s constantly progressing and changing. Change is the only constant! I think I can’t say I’ll be satisfied, for there is always something more I want do and there is so much more to do. I’m definitely happy where I am. Apart from that I can act, I’ve a lot of focus when it comes to acting and surprisingly I do seem to have the patience an actor requires which I don’t have in real life for anything else! If it doesn’t challenge you then you aren’t following your dreams. You are just choosing an easy way! I did face my fair share of challenges and I still do, but I love chasing my dream and I won’t give up! She’s inspired by the legendary Hollywood Actor Meryl Streep and is a great fan of her body of work.

Akshara’s biggest strength is that she knows how to handle negativity and the way she does it wonderfully is half the battle won! She cherishes being in front of the camera every single day. Her quarantine period has made her heart grow even fonder for her work.

She feels her turning point in career was when she did Aarambam, that was when people starting putting her up on list for their movies. She’s yet to write her success story as she thinks there’s more to come. This beauty just ignores controversies as IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

She’s also very critical about her work and looks. Mostly it’s a mixed bag of emotions for her, either it’s a “wow I made it!” or “Oh I look so bad!“ She’s a self-confessed cleanliness freak and it’s this OCD of hers which lets her love doing all mundane home chores. It’s a blessing in disguise.

She’s been lucky to work with a long list of superstars and she’s been blessed to pick up at least one of their best qualities at work. Her parting words are,” LADIES & GIRLS always remember “SHE WHO LEAVES A TRAIL OF GLITTER IS NEVER FORGOTTEN “! So keep shining and blind them all with your shine.

Love, Team She


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