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FEEL THE HEAT- Scorching photoshoot from Denmark

PHOTOGRAPHY : PAGE7 Photo | MODEL: Narvini Dery

COSTUME: Jey Elegant Design | LOCATION: Aarhus, Denmark


When the sun has set, no candle can replace it, When she decides to shine, no clouds can overshadow her. Letting shine a positive attitude towards ourselves will immensely boost our personal confidence, encouraging self- love. Our self-relationship is the foundation for strong being; putting us first, self-care, self-respect, goodwill and self-love. As the sun descends below the horizon, creating romantic shades across the sky, we have a chance to breathe in and rejuvenate ourselves in the magic of nature and its elements that bridges serenity and humanity.


Surrounding ourselves with the green lush greenery of thenature is greatly soul-rejuvenating. A day is not enough to make our planet green. Planting, caring, loving the green and living with the greenis what is needed from us. It will heal not only the land but also our body and mind.


As the popular quote says “Every day is a fashion show and the world is our runway”. Fashion and style reflect our unique personality and portrayour individuality. Allowing ourself to discover what kind of style, clothes, accessories make us feel good, reflect who we truly are, bring us ultimate happiness when we wear them. Don’t settle for anything less. This is a powerful way to practice self-love and self-acceptance.


A woman is like an anchor, because life’s roughest storms test the strength of our anchors. A woman holds herself steady as well as empowers others, depicting woman empowerment, making women powerful to make them capable of deciding for themselves. Similarly, the definition of an “Independent Woman” adds up in relevance to women empowerment. Being independent, strong and not letting anything affect her stability or self-confidence as well as supporting herself and others entirely like an anchor is the nature of a Woman.

Love, Team She

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