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Celebrate Mother’s Day with ETUDE INDIA

May 2021:A day dedicated to Mothers and what they do for us deserves a special mention and a sweet gesture. This Mother's Day, Etude India brings you a vast and impressive range of makeup cosmetics to celebrate the mother's love and put a smile on her face. Below is a list of Etude makeup products that should be on your gift list right away!

ETUDE Play Color Eyes Muhly Romance

Muhly 9-color eye shadow palette invites new romance by coloring the eyes with a romantic mood and sunset glow. The eye palette has a soft texture of a cafe and shimmer which gives light and a clear glow of glitter-type jewel. With the use of high transparent glitter and high glossy technology makes glittering glossy glow!

The shadows can be applied to the whole eyelid or as a pointer color and use the shadows according to your taste. Some of the shades of the color system of Muhly eye palette comprises- 'The FairyTale World', 'Romantic Nude Place', 'Nude Sunset', 'Pink Muhly', and many more!

Cost: INR 1600/-

Etude Colorful Vivid Tint - Iced Persimmon

This colourful tint from Etude house gives your lips a dramatic bright and intense look providing a moist pigment tinted effect. It contains menthol which provides a cooling effect to your lips and its fresh and moisturizing formula keeps your lips hydrated.

Quantity: 4gm

Price: INR 612/-

Etude Dear My Blooming Lips Talk - RD313

Etude Dear My Blooming Lips Lipcolour features a soft silky chiffon texture that glides on smoothly like a cream but sets to a perfect matte texture. Light like chiffon, the formula on these lip colors is extremely long-wearing. A single coat is all you need to achieve a pigment-rich color that does not crack or look wrinkled up. Moreover. It helps in keeping your lips soft and smooth lip. This lipstick is sure to make your lips look attractive!

Quantity: 3.4 gm

Price: INR 375/-

Etude Double Lasting Foundation - Honey Walnut

Etude Double Lasting Foundation SPF 34 PA++ is a long-lasting foundation that provides the perfect coverage for blemishes and dark spots.

Quantity: 30 gm

Price: INR 833/-

Availability :


Etude is a South Korean makeup colour cosmetics brand that puts the fun back into your beauty routine with its playful range of skincare items and daily makeup products.

As the first-ever domestic makeup brand, Etude provides every woman with an experience to discover and develop their own beauty. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy: “Every woman was born a dignified and beautiful being that deserves to be loved”, we have created Etude House where everyone can enjoy the culture of "Makeup Play".

Love, Team She


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