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“Are we messed up?”Hell Yes! - Beautifully knitted flawed characters of Gehraiyaan

Into the depths of human emotions that are normally not portrayed in mainstream cinemas is exactly where the Shakun Batra movie takes us. Love is complicated and even your typical hero can be toxic and flawed, that may not be right but isn’t wrong in its own ways. Gehraiyaan gives a new perspective to inside life and love, and how childhood traumas can alter the decisions we make in the future. You like it or not, it's definitely a story worth being told.

You must have already gotten a mixed response from the audience for this movie. But we say if you haven't watched it yet then go with a fresh, non-opinionated view and feel the movie for yourselves.

We don't bet you like it as the movie is as complicated as the characters in it.

It's not an ideal girl meets boy, sparks fly, fall in love and happily live ever after kinda movie. The hero, heroines aren’t the characters to drive inspiration and motivation from nor are they clean hearted, super innocent people that you’ll find only in the movie world. In short, they are all flawed just like me, just like you, just like any human on earth.

The story revolves around Alisha played by Deepika Padukone and people she falls in with a love-hate relationship.

Her long time live-in relationship with unemployed writer boyfriend, Karan suffocates her with a lack of romance and financial drudgeries.

She is subtly jealous of her cousin Tia, played by Ananya Panday, whose life seemed similar to hers in childhood but hit a whole new level of luxury now. She also suffers from anxiety after dealing with her mother's suicide as a child and is estranged from her father. All she feels is stuck in life and desperately tries to repeat her mother’s mistakes. That perfect timing is when we catch up with her cousin Tia for a vacation at their Alibaug beach house. Accompanying Tia is her fiance, Zain. The handsome hunk who seemed extremely rich shared similar ideologies and intricacies like Alisha and they bond instantly. Falling in love with your cousin’s fiance is a stupid idea and definitely not recommended but

we don’t get to choose the people we fall in love with, right? It just happens and that is what life is about.

Alisha knows it isn’t right, tries to refrain from an intimate relationship with him but her personal life and lack of support from motivation from Kiran only make her fall for the care and support Zain was ready to provide. Zain was the hope Alisha needed in life. Infidelity cracks Tia and Zain but of course, he plays it cool with her as her money can save his business. Hidden truths, broken hearts and a bit of cringe sprinkled over the top narrates the lives of three. The only one we can actually take inspiration from is Kiran, who focussed on his career, stood out the love triangle and achieved his goal and married a girl who probably is more emotionally stable than Alisha.

As the story proceeds, the story fumbles with its inability to convince the audience of the delicacy of each action but death, tears and a pit on your stomach or maybe a slight headache is guaranteed either out of frustration or the Gehraiyaan of sadness the movie projects on complex lives. The colour palette and cinematography and camera techniques clearly give the movie a hook. Blues, blacks and greys give it a touch of depth that submerges well with the tone of voice and complexities of the characters in the movie.

Alisha’s character can be in a way relatable for many women out there who are caught in twisted situations, if not relationships from where they don’t find the way out and drown in the sorrow of disappointing everyone around them. The movie indirectly states that it's not all your fault and everything is not supposed to be understood cause the intricacy of life cannot be an unflawed narrative of victories always, which makes

Gehraiyaan a masterpiece that simply tells a story of a broken heart.


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