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An Ode to Women Entrepreneurs Who are Daring to Break the Glass Ceiling

She Bazaar Awards 2023 sponsored by tour On, held on March 11th at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao concert Hall was a grand success. The prestigious award night was segmented into two halves kickstarting with the Bazaar Awards where women entrepreneurs from all walks of life were felicitated for their achievements.

Photography : Bala Kumaran | Curated by : Deekshita Nikkam

From fashion, beauty to education and hospitality, women have taken over the world like a storm is now leading their self-made companies. We live in the best era where we get to witness women in their fullest force earning and making a naming for themselves regardless of all the challenges and hurdles that come their way. She, South India’s prestigious women-oriented magazine, aims to recognize and rejoice these women who inspire and motivate others, creating a ripple effect in the lives around them to break the glass ceiling.

The concept around the award was unique. The awardees picked up their trophy from the podium themselves as the presenters only announced the winner’s name. The idea was to emphasis the feeling that no one gives you the award, you earn it yourself. No one helped you to be who you are today, you did it all by yourself! Women often tend to take a back seat and credit others for their own success and hard work. They rarely give themselves the due credits. But team She made sure ‘She knows her worth’ by letting her raise the award herself as no one on earth is good enough to validate or shower you with compliments than yourself. This was an interesting take by the team and as we saw each winner take their award themselves and raise it up in the air with a proud face nothing, just nothing, could stay on par with that feeling. It was pure happiness.

Title sponsor of the event was tour On. Tour On is a one-stop solution for all your travel plans. The brand offers to manage all elements of your travel in a cost-efficient manner. Its algorithm works towards personalizing your travel plans highlighting the best of the chosen destination. Team She shared their happiness on boarding Tour On as the title sponsor of the event and the entire show had elements that that co-related to travel from an air hostess taking the red-carpet interview to tickets designed as flight boarding passes. It was incredible and creative!

Brands including Tottil Maternity, A Toddler Thing, Closet Punarvi, Lil Bontre, Vrishsham by Vaishnavi and Mommy Shots by Amritha were awarded for setting a bench mark in the industry. She Bazaar Events was also the first stage for several debut winners.

Yes, the stage was special as it was graced by several achievers who came to own their first ever award.

It was a source of encouragement to beginners and just-started emporiums to dream bigger and strive harder. She Bazaar Awards was also a platform for these achievers to share their story and inspire a hundred others. Team She was proud to be the reason to stand up for the cause and spread awareness. Stories of struggles, unshattered hopes, failures and rejections, everything that one had to face was all part of a journey that led them to the stage. We as a team salute and respect their effort and efficiency and that’s exactly what She Bazaar Awards all about!

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