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ALLIONE x UN World Yoga Day: Officially Sponsored Mask Pack Brand

Beautyland Korea Co., Ltd., which pursues free-spirited design and comfort, was selected as the official sponsor of the natural ingredient fermented mask pack of ALLIONE, an Art & Liberty lifestyle beauty brand, on the occasion of the UN World Yoga Day.

In pursuit of the purity and comfort of nature, and wishing to find naturalness with unadorned “naturalness”, ALLIONE is trying to incorporate a lot of health benefits into its products by using natural noble ingredients and meticulous science and technology.

ALLIONE was selected as a company supporting high-quality mask packs.

In general, people say, "Pretty things are expensive and inconvenient." Unlike this, ALLIONE's mask pack is getting a lot of recognition in that it is a fermented mask pack that is mild and comfortable.

The UN World Yoga Day was proposed by Prime Minister Modi of India and was established at the 69th UN General Assembly in 2014 with the consent of 193 UN member states.

The UN World Yoga Day Korean Event Organizing Committee has been hosting the UN World Yoga Day Korea event every year since 2015, and this official event will be held at Gangdong-gu Office Plaza on June 21, 2021 from 18:00 to 20:30.

The 7th UN World Yoga Day, which will be held this time, observes quarantine rules such as maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask at the event site, and only those involved in the event can participate in a limited way. General participants can participate in online events non-face-to-face through YouTube channels and Zoom.

The event will be held under the slogan of “Brighten the World” and is expected to be attended by various government ministries, Indian ambassadors, and numerous officials. In particular, this time, it will be held as a joint event with Gangdong-gu, and a yoga performance that contains the aspirations of the prehistoric site to be registered as a World Cultural Heritage will also be a must-see.

Ministry of Culture and Sports Hwang Hee, Minister of Culture and Sports, Lee Jeong-hoon, Gangdong-gu Commissioner, and National Assemblyman Jin Seon-mi will attend.

The congratulatory remarks of Sripriya Ranganathan, the Indian Ambassador to Korea, and the opening speech of Ahn Min-seok, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, begins.

Professor Won Jeong-hye, Yogi Daniel, Themed lectures by yoga masters such as Ms. Maitri Shah and Hwang A-young, various yoga performances such as Kim Min-ah Yoga Studio, Chandra, Ritamville, and Cheon sia, as well as performances such as Hand pan and Singing Ball, will provide a healing time for many people.

In particular, in a place where many sponsors are expected to participate in the event and make the event brighter, the purpose of yoga is to return to nature and reduce the afflictions, and ALLIONE's natural fermented mask pack, which constantly strives to find the original beauty of nature.

It is even more meaningful to participate as an official sponsor so that all people who practice yoga and ordinary people participating in the event can take care of their body and mind in a healthy and beautiful way.

ALLIONE products are scheduled to be launched in the second half of this year on, leading skincare and beauty e-commerce platform in India.

Love, Team She


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