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A Valorous Voyage

A voyage is taken in every lifetime. A path is walked from childhood to adulthood with intricate layers of life.

Photography: Ganesh Toasty | Model: Mitra Visvesh

Designers: Divyashree, Anwar, Ajas | Label: Weddingness all about dreams

MUA: Anupama Krishnamachari

As a child you are a seed. As you grow, you grow substance. Things, thoughts, memories, words, names, opinions, identities. Time layers on you. It does not pass, it adds. More and more, until you are less of the child; less of the seed you once were. Every step of the voyage takes you away from the source, it adds a layer.

Unpeeling hurts. Like an onion, stripping down to your seed, your source, brings tears and it brings fears. There comes a time in some people's lives where it occurs to them to walk backwards. To me, that means coming home to myself. Unzipping, stripping, unpeeling and feeling. Walking backwards. An inward, downward, backward journey. A voyage back to my self, my child, the seed inside me.

The voyage is full of turbulence. The layers fight back. Like a rough, stormy sea, your mind will play you like a game. Keep walking. Find that child, hold it, and know it. Unpeel, and feel.

Love, Team She


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