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A tale of ‘Making it on Her Own’ - Musskan Sethi

Driven by passion and perseverance, Musskan Sethi has won in turning her dreams into reality and is not ready to settle for anything but the best! With a successful kick-start in her first movie, she is now expanding her horizons making it in Bollywood with hard work and dedication. Read through, as the budding actress opens up about her journey of creating success.

- By PR Gayathri

How do you define yourself?

“I define myself as a happy go lucky, outgoing and loving person. I am quite sensitive and spiritual too.” Musskan muses.

When did the idea of getting into Bollywood come from?

Musskan says that she was always inclined towards Bollywood since childhood. “Even in school, I would take part in all dance and skit competitions. I always wanted to go to Bombay and try to get recognition as an actor.” she confides.

Has your career progressed up to your expectations?

She says thankfully, “I am extremely grateful and excited to have achieved all that I have.” Being an outsider, with no connections or godfathers in the industry, she embraces her achievements. “I have achieved everything with my own efforts. I am happy about that.” She adds proudly.

Who is your inspiration?

“My mother is my inspiration because she is so generous, devoted and full of love. I wish I can be as giving as her. Being selfless is in itself an art and I admire her a lot for that and much more.” Musskan speaks out from the bottom of her heart.

A memory you cherish till date in your career path?

She nostalgically says, “I once went to Greece for the shoot of my film ‘Kya Masti Kya Dhoom’ and the entire experience was one of my most cherished memories.”

How would you describe your style of acting?

We couldn’t agree more when she says, “ I like to observe people in different walks of life. I try to inculcate these observations while acting. I also like to go down my memory lane trying to remember when I felt what my character is feeling. Then performance comes naturally.”

If not an actress, what would you have been up to right now?

“I think I would do something related to skincare and wellness. I believe good skin is the first step to self-care. If not that then maybe a line around guilt-free desserts.” says Musskan.

What was the turning point in your life?

Having performed remarkably as Harika she acknowledges her first movie ‘Paisa Vasool’ as the turning point of her life.” She also credits the team involved in creating the spark of her life! “I owe it to my director Puri Jagannadh Sir. I could realize my dream and turn it into reality all thanks to him.”

Tell us your story of success.

Musskan happily takes us through her journey from moving to Mumbai four years ago to build her dreams. She recollects, “I auditioned a lot for TV commercials, print ads, movies and web. I did ads initially with brands like Dabur, Samsung, Panasonic, Gold Fogg etc. Then I got a music video (Thori Beer Pilla) with Sony which landed me a short film for Cello. That short film helped me bag my first Telugu film, Touchwood.” The film was a big hit praising her commendable performance and she started getting offers and that kept her busy throughout.

List of brands you have worked for?

Musskan has worked with a lot of brands in a variety of fields. She lists, “I have walked the ramp for Gulnar Baravia, Varun Chakkilam and Jade by MK. I recently shot for Global Spa Magazine. I did shoots for brands like SHEIN, Ambrane, Messamore etc. I get approached by designers very often to wear their outfits and post pictures on my blog. I am currently promoting homegrown Indian brands.”

Turning into a fashion icon of herself, Musskan gives a glimpse of her shopping choices, likes and dislikes with us.

Are you a shopaholic? If so, at what age you turned out to be one and how?

She admits, “I love shopping. I have always been fond of travelling and shopping. I love shopping in London and Dubai. They are my two most favorite destinations. I’ve been travelling there since I was a teenager.”

For which product do you spend the most?

“I like spending on perfumes. I’m never able to stop myself from buying a fragrance I like. I think smelling good is very appealing.” she spills the beans.

Which brand is your favorite and why?

“I love Chanel.” she tells. “It’s my favorite brand because it’s very chic. I love all its products.”

Do you prefer online shopping to the stores?

“No, I love being able to try an outfit or test a product before I buy it.” She further adds up the fact that she has been shopping online a lot due to the pandemic these days.

Are you an impulsive buyer or someone who sticks to her planned shopping list?

“I am an impulsive shopper. If I like something I get it.”, Musskan confides with a cheer.

Tell us about the best shopping experience you ever had.

She happily says, “I had a blast when my mom and I travelled to London, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. I shopped around a lot and treasure all the things from that trip.”

List the brands you prefer/use for:

a) Hair - Shampoo, hair oil, hair spray

L’Oréal / Kerastase

b) Face - Lipstick, eyeliner, face cream

Charlotte tilbury

c) Body - Body lotion, nail polish

Chanel, OPI

d) Others: Clothes, handbag, footwear

Chanel, Dior and Gucci

Tell us about your makeup kit.

“I love brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Tarte and Huda beauty.”

Your handbag secrets.

“I keep all the essentials like a mask, sanitizer, kohl, lip gloss, perfume, AirPods etc.”, the actress who loves to prep her bag well gives away.

Is your shopping affected by this quarantine?

She agrees,” Yes but because I am not going out as much as before.” Musskan says that this change in shopping behavior doesn’t matter much.

What’s your winter shopping like?

With love for winter dressing, she admits, “I love layering up different things together. Also, I love long coats and boots.”

Do you plan a budget for your monthly shopping?

“Yes but I always go over budget when the festivities are around or I’m travelling. Otherwise, I don’t shop much in times like now.” She gleefully says.

Love, Team She


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